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Long-time lurker and mostly ghost, former member of the NYC Meetup crew here. I'm cleaning up some of my social media profiles as I continue to transition away from Twitter as my "daily driver," and I am super glad that Mastodon is now an option when it comes to linking one's social media profiles. Would it be possible to have a "show widget" check-box next to where one would input their Mastodon URL so that it could be seen at the bottom of the page? Exactly what would be required before that can be built into the system for profiles?
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This is for getting the green check for verification? I think you can get this with something like:
<a rel="me" href="https://mefi.social/@pronoiac">this is me</a>
Which renders to:
this is me
Let me test this...
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It worked! This might be new to Mastodon v4, but next to where I'd enter metadata to show in my profile, there's a verification section that has a copyable "here's the sort of link I'm looking for" example you can paste into the blurb on your profile.
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No, this is about the "show widget" option available when you add a Twitter account. The "widget" embeds your latest tweet into your MetaFilter profile page.
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Mbrubeck is correct. That's the pony I want.
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Whoops, I took off in the wrong direction entirely. Sorry about that!
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Still, the verification thing is very cool for anybody here that wants to be verified on Mastodon but doesn't have their webspace somewhere.
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This is a good idea and should be implemented.
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If you want your Metafilter profile verified on Mastodon, just add your mastodon url to the “Also On” section of your profile. No need to add the url manually to your blurb.

As for showing your last Mastodon post in a little box, this is something that Twitter makes easy. Mastodon would be a lot more difficult.
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I do this on my personal site: self-link

It's an iframe, but I forget now where I found it.
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If you want your Metafilter profile verified on Mastodon, just add your mastodon url to the “Also On” section of your profile. No need to add the url manually to your blurb.

I know this isn't the ask from the OP, but just to expand on this helpful advice with some specifics that I ran into:

MetaFilter will automatically append the "rel=me" to your Mastodon profile link, so you can just drop the plain string URL of your profile in there.

Also, this won't work unless the Visibility option under Social Apps is set to everyone.
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About the widget: it's easy to get an rss feed out of an account, by appending ".rss" to the link.

Apologies about the verification tangent. This makes me want to document it somewhere.
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<iframe allowfullscreen="" sandbox="allow-top-navigation allow-scripts" width="200" height="400" src="https://www.mastofeed.com/apiv2/feed?userurl=https%3A%2F%2Fmefi.social%2Fusers%2Fterrapin&theme=auto&size=100&header=false&replies=false&boosts=false"></iframe></code>

Looks like one simply needs to replace the server and the username. I have put those in bold.
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If someone would like to get involved with the code team of the SC, they could see how straightforward this would be to implement. Drop them a note.
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I've emailed the Steering Committee.
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I nudged a member of the Steering Committee, and I think the widget conversation is rolling again.

Note, my suggested method for verification on a minimal profile currently doesn't work. I think I see the fix, I've pinged the mods about it, and I can bring that to the code team, too.
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