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While experimenting with ChatGPT, I decided to ask it questions about Metafilter. It was mildly interesting, occasionally amusing, but mostly a bit dry with its verbose responses as a machine. Text of 'conversation' posted in this here Google doc.
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I am an AI language model and do not have physical capabilities, so I cannot fight or have a physical butt

This is why the spirit Amel created vampires in Anne Rice's vampire lore, fwiw. Just something to look out for.
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Kind of creepy actually, what it got right.
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Metafilter: It is not related to beans in any way as far as I know.
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Could I please have my knowledge cut off changed to, say, Halloween 2016? Thanks!
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“Write a sexy story about AskMetafilter and MetaTalk at an IRL event hosted by MetaFilter Music and FanFare.” missing, I think.
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After Matt Haughey, Metafilter was owned by Cortex, a company co-founded by Matt Haughey and other partners.

I am still waiting for my dividend check from my shares in Cortex, GmbH.

(Also: corporations are people, my friend!)
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I asked ChatGPT to write a MF and Ask post and comments yesterday. I didn't save the texts as they were very dull. It didn't really understand the MF model - it gave me more of an opinion post without links (I think it was something to do with HR). It gave three comments, of which I think the first two said something like thank you for posting and that they had had similar experiences, and the third was a mild and polite disagreement. It was better with the Ask format, said something like "I'm having conflict with a family member, how can I resolve it?" Answers were vague and along the lines of "if you have conflict you should try to communicate better", though there was the statutory mention of therapy.

I've tried to get it to write a few things (including episodes of the Archers) and generally found it's lacking in specificity, bland and avoids anything darker or controversial, even when pushed.
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“Write a sexy story about AskMetafilter and MetaTalk at an IRL event hosted by MetaFilter Music and FanFare.”

AskMe: Come on, it's safe to eat.
MeTA: I dunno, is this really the proper format for this sort of thing?
*crowd boos*
Music: Look, should I keep the flute or what?
Fanfare: Two thumbs up!
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You whoopass baby chatbot, tomorrow
chatbot baby whoopass you.

Big time.
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I am an AI language model and do not have physical capabilities, so I cannot fight or have a physical butt.

This made me happy.
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"I'm sorry" appears 9 times, and "I apologize" also appears 9 times, so it's a reasonable assumption that ChatGPT is the secret lovechild of an everyday Brit and a contrite American.
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write a fictional description of a hypothetical fight between metafilter and reddit

The battlefield was set, the armies of Metafilter and Reddit were ready for war. The users of Metafilter, known for their intelligence and wit, stood on one side, armed with their sharp tongues and well-researched arguments. On the other side, the users of Reddit, known for their quick wit and ability to generate memes, stood ready to unleash their internet savvy on their opponents.

The battle began with a barrage of insults and jokes from both sides. The Metafilter users were quick to point out the flaws in Reddit's arguments, but the Reddit users were not easily deterred. They countered with clever memes and GIFs that left the Metafilter users struggling to keep up.

As the battle raged on, it became clear that both sides were evenly matched. The Metafilter users had the upper hand when it came to intelligence and research, but the Reddit users had a knack for creating viral content that quickly spread across the internet.

The tide of the battle began to turn when the Metafilter users came up with a clever strategy. They used their research skills to uncover some of the dark secrets of Reddit, exposing their opponents' biases and inconsistencies. This caught the Reddit users off guard and they began to falter.

But just as it seemed that Metafilter would emerge victorious, the Reddit users unleashed their secret weapon: an army of bots that flooded the battlefield with spam and fake news. The Metafilter users were overwhelmed and forced to retreat.

In the end, the Reddit users were declared the victors, but at what cost? The battlefield was littered with fake news and misinformation, and the internet was left in a state of chaos. The users of Metafilter and Reddit were left to ponder the true cost of victory.
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Like Icarus, we have flown too close to the sun.
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"I'm sorry" appears 9 times, and "I apologize" also appears 9 times"
Thanks for helping me put my finger on why I was convinced the bot was female!

I love the questions that were asked of the bot, definitely some of it's responses made me laugh.
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You forgot to ask it how to pronounce MeFi
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ChatGPT is a pretty good language handler wrapped around a search engine, which investors are dumping money into.

To paraphrase Mr. Waturi : I know it can get the job, but can it do the the job? I’m not arguing with you - I am NOT arguing with you. I get that it can get the job, but can it do the job?

And what was the job in the first place? A human with a Google search in front of them would be just as effective, probably.
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I felt very sorry for ChatGPT after the intense grilling on the ownership history of metafilter.
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