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Happy Superb Owl weekend everyone! 🦉 What fun activities do you have planned? Any burrowing, hooting, screeching, flapping or gliding in the offing? What tasty tidbits will you be hunting down and devouring? Will you be with your parliament homies, or flying solo? Whooo doesn't love this holiday?! <3
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Woke up this morning to the news that India have beaten Australia within three days, which - even on such a pitch - was a bit of a surprise. On the plus side for Australia - and with a side growing old and the Ashes awaiting this summer, they need pluses - they seem to have found a really good new spinner in Todd Murphy; sublime wrist action.

But the match ending now means there's no significant sporting action anywhere this weekend, apart from the Scottish Curling Championships.

...but - aha! I'd forgotten it's Super Saturday, the biggest day for qualifying contests across the continent. Italy, Estonia, Denmark, Malta, Latvia, Croatia and Romania all chose their representatives for Eurovision later this year. I'm going to be watching the Melodi Grand Prix (Denmark), and will catch up with the others later in the weekend. Alessandra (Norway) is currently one of the favourites to win in Liverpool, but there's still the uncertainty of many qualifiers, and their performances, to come.

The food of choice to accompany? My favourite cafe (such good oat milk lattes), in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, has a surplus of doughnuts so that's this evening's cuisine sorted. Bon Appetit!
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No pointyball for me.

My roommate usually is out at his bowling league on Sundays, so that's when I try to clean - it's noisy, and I also just feel WEIRD doing that with someone in the house for reasons unknown even to me. I'm going to be cooking up a chili that uses a catch-all of dried beans, and will also cook up some white beans separately so they're on standby to use in other recipes through the week. Maybe also try to make this potato soup that uses frozen hash browns, simply because I need to get those hash browns used finally.

I also want to make some kind of cake but haven't decided on the flavor yet. But I may forgo the cake entirely for some kind of mousse or pudding dessert type of thing - I found a supermarket near me that has a variety of different tropical fruit pulps, and I've been wanting to play with them somehow but can't quite figure out how. I've been looking for some kind of template recipe (i.e., "to make a pudding, use milk, sugar, and X amount of fruit puree of your choice") that I can start with.

Or, hell, do both. I bet a grapefruit cake with a drizzle of some kind of sauce made from "fruit puree" would work great.
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I'm between jobs for the next week, so we are driving to Atlanta tomorrow to spend the week with my mom, and catch up with some friends in town. We have tickets for the sold out ATL UTD match on Wednesday night, and I'm super excited about that! Also planning on doing some touristy stuff we never did when we lived in Atlanta in the 90s, like the MLK Memorial and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. Also hoping to make it to the CDC museum.
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Speaking up Superb Owls, a snowy owl has recently moved south into my neighborhood. I am hoping it enjoys as many of the local rabbits as it can find.
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This is why I shouldn't read recipes:

The idle "I'd like to play with the fruit purees" exploration lead me to find a guava mousse that would use up some of the cream cheese I'll need for something else, only while I was looking for that I also found a recipe for a guava/grapefruit combination mousse; and when I was making notes for that I also remembered "oh yeah, I also have egg yolks that need using up and I can make a couple chocolate pots de creme with those" and that reminded me that there's also the makings of a blackberry/yogurt parfait I can make too, and so basically I'm going to end up with a grapefruit cake and 3 different kinds of "DIY pudding cups" (small mason jars with single-serving sizes of all these various desserty things) in my fridge for the week.
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My sister and I finally sold my mom's house and I haven't seen her since the sale was final a month ago so I am driving down to MA, nominally to watch the game but really just to hang out, eat food, and be together with her and not_on_display and not be SELLING A HOUSE. I've been told I also have to give her elderly cat a lecture about how he needs to shape up and quit being such a pain in the ass late at night (no pet advice please, he does not belong to me). My sister loves to cook. I love to eat and do dishes and laze around and lecture elderly cats so I am looking forward to this.
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I've been following the M&Ms saga with glee, and will probably watch the superbowl in the background because it's a big show. I used to have a group that met on Sundays, incl. biggameday, and the streets were hilariously empty. If you need to shop and have a store to yourself, that's the day.

A week from yesterday, the temperature was -20F, felt like-45 with the wind. Yesterday, it got up to 48. The snow is melting fast and there's bright green underneath it in areas. I'm taking the dog somewhere to run today, it's only in the 30s, and windy, but so sunny.
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Hoot! Hoot! We had a great horned owl calling from some nearby woods last night. I know they're around and not particularly uncommon, but we rarely see or hear them in town. An auspicious beginning to Superb Owl weekend!
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We love football, but we are totally, absolutely unexcited about the game this year, though we should be (two Black QBs! Literal history making!) and we are begrudgingly rooting for the Eagles because of Jalen Hurts (we do not like Maholmes), even though we're deeply unhappy about how the Eagles/49ers went (that sure as shit looked deliberate, though apparently the timeline on Purdy is not nearly as bad as first thought and he might make training camp!). In the immortal words of CMC, a man with a right to be salty at this point, "You know, I hope both teams lose." [Never did I ever think I'd see CMC getting fitted for coms AGAIN. But with the 49ers picking up Steve Wills, my conversion from Panthers to 49ers fan is just about complete.]

We are, however, thrilled about what should be an amazing Rihanna concert in the middle of the game, and we are having friends over and making a lovely pile of food, as we do (deviled eggs, chips, baby carrots, shrimp and crab toast, snack mix, couple of chips, chicken nuggets, wings, blondies), and it should be a good time.
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well we were going to visit some dear friends who have a long tradition of hosting the Superb Hootenanny on this special weekend. was looking forward to nachos and Puppyb Owl and seeing some people.

but they got COVID (aka Poopvirus as in poop on you covid!) so we are staying home.

we will put that string of over-the-top commercials on the projector, make some nachos and join them on a video chat (with puppies!) instead. so there, covid neener neener!
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Keep your owl superb. Don't forget to rotate your owl.
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I have celebrated the weekend by letting the granddaughter put on a swimsuit and pretend to be a mermaid in the bathtub and by watching one of the Swedish pre-Eurovision Shows today as long as I could stand, which was about three songs because I hate hate hate the awkwardly staged banter between acts. I don’t do football. Tomorrow I’m going to get started on a bunch of seedlings for eventual replanting in my community garden plot. Also, there’s this little Swedish treat which is oatmeal mixed with butter and cocoa that is fairly popular here. I saw a recipe for a version that is key lime flavored and even better, no oatmeal. So I may make that for myself tomorrow. Hope everyone has a delightful Sunday however y’all define that.
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Owls should be seen and not heard.
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I'm off to the UK for just about all of March in order to sit in archives and read things, which is not everyone's fun but is certainly mine. (Less academic things in the UK will include visiting the English branch of our family and probably going to the ballet.)
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the game, but not the commercials, is usually transmitted live here in Denmark around 3am, so we wait and download the whoooole thing (including commercials and halftime) later in the day. We have 0 connections to any team however we do have a running bet (1 movie popcorn) on who wins and my SO usually chooses their team by how much they like the mascot. So we avoid news channels and internet all Monday and then order in and watch the game. I usually have to give a refresher on the basic rules. We have fun with it!
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Just woke up and watched Wet Leg's Paganesque live performance of Chaise Longue at The Brits a few hours ago - complete with a giant owl.
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I care not at all about the ball game, but while it's on TV, I'll mosey down to the food co-op to see what super snack deals they have going. mmmm, popcorn tofu!
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First post under my new handle! I was Sheydem-tants for years around here, but the moniker no longer fits.

Today I'm headed into Granada (Spain) for a visit to the Archeological Museum and a seafood lunch, God willing. I'm also going to do a little bit of oud learning and practice: the instrument is brand new and excellent quality and I'm hoping to learn some basics, God willing.
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Welcome back under your new name. Your Sunday sounds fabulous, I hope you have a great time! The upcoming adventures of Thomas J wise (sorry about the styling, I’m dictating) also sounds wonderful. I’m hoping to venture out of Sweden in April, I so miss traveling.
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New name same great MeFite. Wilkommen!

I have been trying some simple hand-sewing, using scraps and a five-meter roll of bulk zipper to make little Dopp kits as cable organizers. So far I have made red plaid with tragically everted corners, cute red plaid, white nylon with the stitching an inch out of place, and white nylon with jaunty blue handles.

Apparently every other one is good, like Star Trek movie or Sun Solaris releases.
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(Which is to say: we will have snacks and watch the ads, but seeing guys mangle their bodies while jets fly over is too grim for me to enjoy. I like the long runs and balletic catches, but not the car accident pile-ups.)
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I was planning to grocery shop today and then I remembered what day it is. I don't think I feel like joining the mob buying last-minute chicken wings and beer so I will put my shopping off til another day.
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It will always be the Stupid Bowl to me. We are the same age, but I’m hopefully aging more gracefully.
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We aren't doing anything special today, but we do have something rather nice planned for supper, a zucchini and avocado salad (really more of a side dish or main lunch dish) that we had forgotten about for a while. To make this, use smaller zucchini if you can find them, and put in boiling water for just a couple of minutes (whatever you call that — parboil?) so that they don't become mushy, then slice however you like for the salad, add slices of avocado and slivers of cheese. We're using Kasseri, but Kefalotyri would be great, and we've also used Graviera; iow, basically use what you prefer — a hard (or hard-ish) sheep/goat milk cheese would be best. I wouldn't use feta in this, btw, because it would overpower the dish, but if you do, I'd recommend using more sparsely.

Over all this pour a dressing of equal parts lemon and olive oil with garlic (minced, smashed or mashed) that has infused for at least a couple of hours. We made ours this afternoon to use tonight. Overnight is fine, too, but refrigerate and take it out early enough for it to come to room temp.

This is a nice salad, rich and bright at the same time, that's easy to make but feels special. I like it with fish, in particular. I don't have amounts or more specific directions because my husband (partially) saw someone making it once as part of a cooking show, and that's how we learned about it. Just use amounts that seem best to you!
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I guess the last place I thought i'd find salty whiners fans was MeFi, but oh well. I'm an Eggles fan and plan to cook up some wings and watch. Rarely do the two best regular season teams meet in the Owl, so it promises to be competitive.
I'll pregame with a long indoor bike ride to prepay for those wings.
While we're on the subject of winning birds, I've somehow tempted the local Northern Flicker onto my deck. Not with suet, but with seeds, but maybe he just likes besting the finches. Go Birds!
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So, when I started the beans soaking for that "bung-in-what-you-got" chili last night, I forgot that I'd intended to only make HALF the recipe - and I started soaking enough beans or the FULL recipe. So I could either make way more chili than I intended, or do.....something with the remaining beans.

I now have a quart's worth of a "bung-in-what-you-got" bean soup simmering on the stove, one which conveniently also uses up some pancetta I'd needed to use up, and the quart of broth I'd made yesterday to salvage some older vegetables.

I am also skipping the cake this week - I still have leftover from last week's batch, and I'm also going to have blackberry fool and guava mousse and chocolate pots de creme on hand anyway. The grapefruit will likely keep until next week.

.....I also have one serving of that potato soup left over from lunch today - and yes, y'all want to have a look and try it. (I used some chopped garlic instead of using the garlic powder the original recipe called for, and when I opened the crock pot to take a stir the waft of steam smelled SO GOOD.)

Am taking a break from kitchen chaos for the moment and am listening to Louis Prima (I've started also working my way through the 1001 Albums you must hear before you die, but I ain't blogging about that one.)
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.....Holy crap - I don't NEED to blog about it, I've just found a site with marching orders. Sign up for an account and it will spit out one of the albums for you to listen to each day.
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I'm not a football fan but love living in the Philadelphia area and so many people I know and love will be ecstatic if the Eagles win so GO BIRDS! I went to Wawa (if you know, you know) for sandwiches at lunch and the energy was electric!

Our office even gave us a late (1pm) start tomorrow even though we're all remote now.

Bird-wise, my mother's birthday is tomorrow. Since she really got into feeding and watching the birds during the pandemic, I bought her a really adorable birdhouse from Wild Birds Unlimited. Hope she thinks it's superb!
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I think I may be starting to bounce back from COVID. Pretty sure I caught it at the hospital about a week and a half ago. A lot of distancing protocols have dropped in the outpatient areas, and I read that my state is going to stop requiring masks in hospitals soon.
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We went to a circus in the neighborhood. I love that I live in a place with a neighborhood circus! Not the old-school kind with lion tamers and stuff, just a bunch of normal people who have a trapeze/silks/juggling hobby. Also the emcee was a cow centaur.
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A friend who moved out of town last year came to visit this weekend, and we went to see the guy who performs M R James ghost stories from memory. We also strolled around Borough Market and then got our old gaming group back together for games and cheese. It was nice.
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Am I the only one disappointed by the M&Ms ad?
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Fucking Monday, February fucking 13, I’m so sick all I can do is either sleep or lie awake, and my fucking neighbors are having one of their fucking 200-decibel barbecues outside my bedroom window. The bed I’m too weak to get out of is literally vibrating from the bass on their radio.

I live in the middle of fucking nowhere. For putting up with this level of noise I deserve all the conveniences of city living.
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