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Two three things:
1. The first podcast episode was posted on February 16, 2007! Happy 16th anniversary / birthday to the podcast!
2. I just finished running the last / first episode through for an automated transcript, so *every* episode now has a transcript! So. Many. Transcripts.
3. I joined two days after that first episode!
Just, you know. Woot!
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I love that you make transcripts for the podcast.
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Happy birthday, podcast!
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Happy Mefiversary, Pronoiac!
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I've been following the podcast quite a bit lately, it's great to listen to while Doordashing!
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Metafilter Podcast 191: Summary keywords

thread, nice, weird, post, good, mentos, bit, feel, fucking, people, yogesh, electric kettle, thought, run, interesting, happened, transphobic, idea, slime mold, mentioned

Sounds about right!
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Yay! Thank you Pronoiac and happy Podcast-iversary and happy MeFiversary!
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Yay the podcast and I share a birthday.
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I love that you make transcripts for the podcast.

Seriously, I appreciate this so much.

My wish is that everyone could find one little (or not so little) job that they could do which would help the community like this. Thanks again.
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Thank you ALL THOSE TRANSCRIPTS, and everything you've brought to MetaFilter for the past 16 years!

Yay Pronoiac!
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This is awesome! The other day I was listening to it and caught myself thinking it's one of the "new" features of MetaFilter.

I got ChatGPT to produce an episode script. Can't wait to see it go into production!

Intro music plays.

Jessamyn: Hello and welcome to the MetaFilter podcast, where we explore the best of the web and beyond. I'm Jessamyn, and I'm joined as always by my co-host Josh.

Josh: Hey everyone, glad to be here.

Jessamyn: Today, we're going to dive into the world of augmented reality and how it's changing the way we experience art.

Josh: That's right, Jessamyn. We've got a special guest with us today, artist and AR expert Sarah Johnson. Sarah, thanks for joining us.

Sarah: My pleasure, Josh. Thanks for having me.

Jessamyn: So Sarah, can you tell us a bit about what augmented reality is, and how it's being used in the art world?

Sarah: Sure. Augmented reality, or AR for short, is a technology that allows digital content to be overlaid onto the real world. In the art world, this means that artists can create digital artworks that viewers can experience through their smartphones or other AR-enabled devices.

Josh: That's really fascinating. Can you give us an example of how this technology is being used in the art world?

Sarah: One great example is the AR artwork created by artist KAWS. He created a giant AR sculpture that was placed in the middle of Times Square, and viewers could use their phones to see the sculpture come to life in a variety of ways.

Jessamyn: Wow, that sounds incredible. But I'm curious, how does this change the experience of art for viewers?

Sarah: Well, I think it adds a new layer of interactivity and engagement to the art experience. Viewers can not only see the artwork, but they can also interact with it and explore it in new ways. It's really an exciting time for the art world and technology.

Josh: That's definitely true. But speaking of the past, it's time for our "MetaFilter history" segment, where we explore interesting posts and discussions from the archives.

Jessamyn: That's right, Josh. Today, we're going to talk about a classic post from the early days of MetaFilter, titled "Ask MetaFilter: How do I get rid of a ghost?"

Josh: (laughs) Oh man, I remember that post. It was a real doozy.

Jessamyn: (laughs) Yes, it definitely was. But what I love about this post is how it really showcases the diversity and creativity of the MetaFilter community.

Josh: Absolutely. And speaking of the community, it's time for our listener question segment. Jessamyn, what do we have today?

Jessamyn: Well, today we have a question from listener Mary in Chicago, who asks, "What's the best way to support local businesses during the pandemic?"

Josh: That's a great question, Mary. And there are actually a lot of ways to support local businesses during this time, from ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant to buying gift cards for future use.

Jessamyn: That's right, Josh. And don't forget to spread the word about your favorite local businesses on social media and other online platforms. It's all about coming together as a community and supporting each other during this difficult time.

Outro music plays.

Jessamyn: Well, that's all the time we have for today's episode. Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next time.

Josh: Bye, everyone!

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Wow. That's almost but not quite entirely unlike an episode of the podcast.
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Fantastic work! Congratulations and thanks :-)
posted by dg at 8:36 PM on February 27, 2023

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