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I love learning cool new stuff. I find all sorts of cool stuff on Youtube, spotify, Nebula, and podcasts that I'd like to share. And, it's hard to find, and I wish you all shared more cool audio and video content as well. I thought we could talk about how cool it is to post more cool content. Along with this is a question about the place for subscription-based or paywall audio/video content as well.

First, I'd like to be clear that my goal with this post is for more people to be inspired to post cool stuff so I can read it, but also for these new posters and myself to listen to perspectives and guidance from others.

I'm not going to change my posting habits drastically, so please don't suspect me of seeking permission to turn MetaFilter into an RSS feed for my favorite creators. Rather, I love the philosophy of metafilter, and simply would love to listen to your opinions on this topic.

0. For me, there is a hint of healthiness in audio/visual content made by (about) one person, where I get to see something positive created or built, and also get a slice of life of another human's passion. More than entertainment, it's a human-scale alternative to the text-based anxiety machine that is politics, and the image-based culture machine that is social media. It's a form of practicing optimism. I'd like MetaFilter to have lots of inspiring, creative, optimistic content.

1. There's a line between "here's a cool thing I found" and "Sheesh, every flipping day there are four posts of youtube links to X Y and Z niche topics." But, how much is too much? Would posting more help metafilter grow and gain more users? Or, would it be a bad thing, because it's too much "fun stuff" and not enough important stuff?

2. When I first explore an area of interest, I love when I can build a post around it. But often times, I'm relaxing and watching interesting youtubes and vibing and feel like sharing that content. I posted last week "saturday morning youtubes" which had nothing linking the posts except.... I liked them. Nobody seemed to complain, eh? In, folks said things like "I love this collection of cool YouTube content! Thanks!" and "
Yes! This is the newsletter I've been looking for! Subscribe Subscribe!"
To what extent would our community enjoy more posts of wide-ranging content?

3. I love finding really fantastic playlists on Spotify from around the world, or assembling a selection of albums that really compare and contrast each other well. This would be an easy "Post It" if they were hosted on youtube. How would a SLSPL (Single Link Spotify Play List) post compare to a SLYT (Single Link Youtube) post?

4. Nebula is a company "formed by creators, for creators" so they can get paid for the content they create. It's behind a paywall. Their content is really quite fantastic. If Nebula content (or spotify for that matter) is posted, should the post include a link to a mirror or archive of the video or music in question, like we do with NYT and Washington Post, etc?
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If someone were to post a bunch of cool youtube links, I might check it out and I might dig it.

And if I didn't dig it, I'd just shrug and try something else instead of complaining. Because I'm a grownup and that means I'm old enough to know someone ELSE might like it still.
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Absolutely. More links to more content of all types. Single links to videos, or posts containing thousands of links. It's all good. Paywalls are tricky, so alternatives to free versions should be included.

I discovered Bobby Fingers the other day, thanks to someone linking to their stuff. It is literally one of the best things I've ever seen on YouTube. More of that, please.

And no matter what, someone will complain about it. They can cram it. The only thing that we need less of around here is people shitting on every goddamn thing that happens. I'm so tired of it all.
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I think that, for front page posts, it's kind of a downer to post something that is only available behind a paywall. I think, if it's going to be mirrored to YouTube (as some Nebula creators mirror their content a week or so after it's posted on Nebula), then it's best to wait until it's free; if it's not going to be mirrored to YouTube, then does it perhaps make more sense as a FanFare post?

Otherwise, I wouldn't mind a post with a good handful of links including a few paywalled ones and a few free ones.
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To my mind.

1. I feel like anything that encourages posting is good.
2. as long as it's clear that there's no real link besides "I liked these" I think that is fine
3. I don't use Spotify and would not check this out but maybe others would?

If Nebula content (or spotify for that matter) is posted, should the post include a link to a mirror or archive of the video or music in question, like we do with NYT and Washington Post, etc?

Paywalls are tricky and worth talking about. My feeling is that a post that only has content which is totally inaccessible without paying (as opposed to one of those "You've used one of your three free links this month" or "free registration required" situations) aren't okay. And I'm a strong believer that any paywalled content should be indicated as such and also shouldn't be the main subject of a post. However including (legal) workarounds are fine and appreciated.
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I also think that a diversity of posting types: written, audio, video, twitter, tiktok, reddit, whatever. The more of that we share and post, the more dynamic and alive this place will feel. There are plenty of places where text and text-only sharing is the focus, but MetaFilter is a space for all kinds of communication and content and we should continue to foster that. Also, not everyone can consume or prefers to consume through a specific medium. We have many users who prefer video & audio over text. We can be many things to many people in this comunity.
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Preemptive follow-on request: please include icons/something a la SLYT in the title, byline, or other pre-click field to indicate what kind of media the bulk of the post is. Audio and video are as problematic for some people as writing is to others, and unlimited data is far from universal. It wouldn't apply to everything, so people could opt out of adding indicators if the form includes "no specific media" as an option. This is the first pony I've ever asked for ("mods please delete that bonehead thing I said" doesn't count) so be kind.
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Nebula does have great stuff, but I probably wouldn’t link it here myself until/unless mirrored to a non-paywalled site. But I think sharing more freely available material of various kinds is great!

I will note that I notice, and am grateful, when someone includes a link to a transcript if one exists. It’s a useful addition that makes audio or video posts a bit more accessible for me.
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I am not a video essay person and would likely not watch any of these videos but would love to see more of this content to send to my friends who like that format!
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Do it! The more cool stuff the better. Post stuff I like, stuff I don’t like, stuff I do know I like. Some stuff could also be good for Fanfare (e.g. podcasts), but could also be equally apropos for the blue.
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I am with Brook Horse: up front I will admit that I skip most video -- but bring it on anyway!! More links more posts more comments more favorites!
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Post about all the good things, no matter the media!
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Yes. Please post.
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I used to be cranky about video but I've gotten over it, so go for it.

I will say not as a standard in any way but just a minor point, if there's a 45 minute video where there are 2 fabulous minutes, I really appreciate a "there's a great moment at 11:17" note in the post.
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I love this idea. I say that as I expect 95% of the time I won't engage with those posts, but think they would be a great addition to the content on MeFi.
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as my posting history would suggest, I have zero problem with a post consisting only/mainly of of Youtube links, or even just one.

In fact, of my last ten FPP's, seven were centred around Youtube links. In three of those, the only link was to Youtube. And I'm pretty sure nobody complained. Not about the Youtube part anyway.
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Any time you are surfing and find something neat, bring it over here! No need to make a big deal of it, no pressure, whatevs, just share.
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I am totally cranky about videos and would not watch any of this. You should absolutely make posts of cool videos you like because more posts is better than fewer posts!
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Becoming a lot more okay and actively enthusiastic about turning "oh i saw this cool/fun/strange/educational thing on youtube" into "fuck it, I'm posting it" has really brought up my rate of posting a lot over the last long while. If you're happy when you see it, make a post.
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I will admit that I skip most video
As do I, except that I will watch a video when the reason for it not being text is obvious. Movie trailers, hair braiding, quilting tips, etc. So, if it is just person talking to the camera or a series of slides that are read aloud, hard pass.

But plenty of people love that kind of thing and so you should post those, too.
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If you're happy when you see it, make a post.

*clap clap*
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your links will surely show it
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Another thing we need is a ChatGPT button below the comment box for when we have nothing original of our own to say.
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More posts please! If I am not in the mood for video I will just skip them.
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