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Everyone needs a hug, especially those under-appreciated comments we liked so much last year. As seen previously: "Let's show some love for the hidden-gem comments that made you laugh, cry, or cheer [last] year, which you immediately recognized as genius, but somehow slipped under everyone else's radar. As is traditional, please try to stick to comments that received 12 or fewer favorites, and no self-links."
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I suspect I was the only one paying attention to a low-traffic FPP when daisystomper dropped in at the end to link to a fun performance of her game-like musical composition, which had been referenced in one of the FPP's links.

A recent Ask on novelty classical music was full of fun links, so it's a surprise to me that even Paragon's most favorited answer qualifies for this thread.

Setting aside feelings about either the original story or cat person vs. dog person discourse sometimes being taken too seriously in the thread, sockpup's parody of the story "Cat Person" was still pretty funny just as a literary callback IMO.

JHarris's pointer to a fun Twitter thread about JRPGs seemed to go unnoticed too, either because it came in at the end or because people didn't realize Felipe Pepe is the editor of free CRPG Book that had been very popular on Metafilter a few years ago. Anyway, here's the thread via Nitter.
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I don't favorite much (just not how I use the feature) but apparently this comment by heyitsgogi about beer from Georgia (the country) tickled me enough that I clicked the button (:
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Mefites had a lot of interesting info in 2023 again.
snuffleupagus put a nice bow on the room temperature superconductivity thread.
srboisvert had good info on how humans kill birds and that wind turbines are nowhere near the top.
flabdablet had some interesting thoughts on consciousness in the panpsychism thread.
meowzilla linked to a great site for comparing spectra of different light sources.

Apparently delfin made me laugh a lot this year talking about rectums and wrestlers at the pearly gates.
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In the #chatfilter AskMe where I wanted people to enjoy the week in professional wrestling, Marky popped in with a story about working for the USA Network when it carried WWF in the 1980s.
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the cydonian watched the Indian Space Research Organization send a lander to the lunar south pole, and had a story about personal feelings and family connections to science.
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From a Fanfare Daredevil episode (S01E03)

As seen on Twitter:

BATMAN: "I have to save my city"
DAREDEVIL: "I have to save my... suburb"

By His thoughts were red thoughts

From a Mefi post about the movie DICKS: The Musical

Bowen Yang is God, so I guess this is some kind of documentary?

By xigxag
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Working backwards, September to December:

stevil asks: What was the invented term for visualizing misheard lyrics?
Animutations (thanks, dragon garlanding)!

anastasiav explains the mystery of UPS and access points

jilder brings us some, uh, Mary Oliver for CAPSLOCK DAY

Speaking of which...SaltySalticid has 𝔹𝕃𝔸ℂ𝕂𝔹𝕆𝔸ℝ𝔻 𝔹𝕆𝕃𝔻 style

Have you seen maya's embroidery?

Grunyon's advice on integrating the horrible little voices

OyΓ©ah remains a treasure: advice on undoing compromises you made

So many of the answers to How to overcome inertia?

2023 was awful in so many ways, and I would like to thank everyone who posted, and responded gently and helpfully to, some really hard personal questions. That vulnerability--and the desire to help with it, to be in solidarity and understanding of it--affirmed my belief in this place. Thank you.
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theora55's strategy for Wordle.
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Penguin pie wrote this about what people did before smartphones and it stuck with me:
Staring blankly out of the window of a bus while your mind roams is underrated, for starters.
It stuck with me because I remember doing that a lot in Baltimore, back in the 90s, as I rode the bus/subway/lightrail. I rarely do that anymore, because there's no time, I'm driving, or there's distractions online.
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Two unicycles and some duct tape quoting Neal Stephenson in Zodiac on biking at night.
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Most of my favorites were pretty well recognized by others. Among the few that weren't:posted by Two unicycles and some duct tape at 11:18 AM on January 4

I really appreciated hototogisu's wonderful comment on seeing Peter Gabriel live recently.

This is such a great thread. I hope I'll find time to add more of my favorite comments.

Thanks so much for posting this, MonkeyToes! (And here's a hug!)
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On password managers and mnemonics

Bonus points because you can plausibly read this in the voice of Grandpa Simpson, Bob Dole, or a blind messianic prophet with electricity crackling dangerously from his cobalt-blue dead eyes
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Mod note: [btw, this post has been added to the sidebar and Best Of blog]
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That whole goat thread is glorious and informative!
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