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Are there works that mefites have published/created in 2023 that are eligible for awards? Hugo nominations should open soon and I'm sure there are other awards I don't know about. Please share your work here.
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In non-fic I am in the acknowledgments for I am the Law by Mike Molcher, which if you are at all interested in politics, policing, dystopian British SF of Judge Dredd you should totally check out.

I may be eligible for some actual comics too but hold your fire on that for next year, will hopefully have something pretty special.
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Thank you for this post, bq.

My (cosmic horror) short story "The Song Between the Songs" appeared in Dark Corners of the Old Dominion: A Virginia Horror Anthology, the profits from which go to support the Scares That Care charity.
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My novel Season of Skulls came out in mid-2023 and is eligible. (Published by in the USA, Orbit in the UK and EU.)

Also, the Laundry Files/New Management series (NM is a spin-off, but there is some character continuity) is eligible in Best Series. It made the shortlist in 2019, but since then I've added three novels and a novella, totalling 370,000 words, which passes the threshold for an ongoing series to become eligible again.
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I'm not personally up for anything but a couple of my clients are eligible for Hugos - Arkady Martine's creepy gothic cyber-horror novella Rose/House (alas only available in ebook, the short-run physical book is long sold out), Max Gladstone's Dead Country (in some ways a new entry point to his Craft Sequence world, but with his writing leveled up by a decade or so), and "Here Instead of There" by Elizabeth Bear, a short story in Strahan's Communications Breakdown: SF Stories about the Future of Connection.

All stuff I absolutely love, although if I had to pick one, it'd be Rose/House, which is one of those books I can't quite stop chewing on, and one I feel very slightly proprietary over, because Arkady and I had a lot of conversations about it as it was in process. It's kinda a pity that it's a Subterranean Press original, because it's so good and the small-press thing limits its reach. (Although it should be more widely available in audiobook in March, and I can't wait to see how that comes out.)
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Any word on narrator? Might hold out if it’s going to be a good reading.
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Raquel Beattie, looks like.
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What a fabulous MeTa. Thank you, bq! Bookmarking for my next bookstore trip!
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Rose/House is SO GOOD. I think it fits elegantly in with Martine's exploration of what-is-a-person in the Teixcalaan books while also being a great riff on early Gibson Sprawl (and adjacent) works -- no idea if it was intentional, but between the characters, setting, and tone, it really stood out for me.
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> What a fabulous MeTa. Thank you, bq! Bookmarking for my next bookstore trip!

I'd already bought & devoured Season of Skulls and Rose/House; adding everything else mentioned (and hopefully to-be-mentioned) to my own bookstore list!
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My novel Starter Villain and my novelette "Slow Time Between the Stars" are both eligible. If you wish to be extremely cheeky, you may also consider my EP Between the Stars in the category of Best Related Work, because it was composed as a companion piece to "Slow Time."
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My short story Closer than your kidneys is about an assassin who falls in love with the starship princess she should have killed. It was in Frivolous Comma.

"The Fifteenth Saint" is a novelette about a judge whose best friends are a book and a spy. It was in Asimov's; you can read the beginning at and if you would like a review copy of the rest, please MeMail me.

I had a poem in the anthology Rosalind's Siblings. That's on the Locus recommended list. Please check out the list and consider voting in their poll!

My eligibility post has more poetry, a game, and some essays, as well as the links above.
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Also, writing on the green or in FanFare might be eligible for the Fan Writer category of the Hugos--if Metafilter is a big part of the way you approach speculative fiction and you're nominating this year, I'd encourage you to explore and share!
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My graphic novel Incredible Doom Vol. 2 (a series originally launched here on Projects) (...and containing numerous secret Mefi references) is a Finalist for the Oregon Book Awards on April 8th, so cross your fingers for me!
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My book, Buffalo in 50 Maps, came out in March! I doubt it's eligible for anything so I really have no business posting it here but it's pretty good if you like maps of Buffalo.
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Great post! My bank account however is not sure it agrees.
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My picture book What Rosa Brought came out last year. It's the true story of my mom's experiences as a little girl in Nazi-occupied Vienna. And a lot of the research for it sprung out of this AskMe and the incredible information Arco helped uncover.

Although that's obviously a serious topic, I've tried to tell the story as gently as I can to keep it appropriate for the age group.

It's not fantasy or sci-fi so it's not eligible for the Hugo. But if your home state has a state children's book award, it's likely eligible for that. In many states, librarians can be made by any resident.

It's the kind of book that really relies on word-of-mouth and awards to reach people's attention, so if you do read it and it speaks to you enough to nominate, please do consider looking up your state award.
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I have 2 short stories which might fit the bill:

The Factory of Market Desires, published in "The Digital Aesthete" anthology. It's about what an emergent AI might consider to be relevant art.

You Don't Have To Watch This Part which is a story of that voice in your head told from the point of view of the voice in your head.
It was included in the "Dark Matter Presents: Monstrous Futures" anthology and got a nice write up in Lightspeed: "…the ending is very strong, and the story’s themes sing through with lovely power." This one is not publicly available, alas.

Also, restless_nomad, I am super jealous of who you get to represent (both you for knowing/working with them, and all of them for being such amazing writers).
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Just an addendum, if anybody would like to read "You Don't Have To Watch This Part", please memail me.
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In many states, librarians can be made by any resident.

Apparently, my brain hiccoughed while I was typing that. I meant to say: Sometimes nominations can only be made by librarians or teachers, but in many states, nominations can be made by any resident.

Nonetheless, I stand by my previous post. Librarians CAN be made by any resident! Give your neighborhood child a book-- you may be making a future librarian!
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Also, restless_nomad, I am super jealous of who you get to represent (both you for knowing/working with them, and all of them for being such amazing writers).

Honestly it's astonishing to me too, and pure chance, really. I met Arkady at a writing workshop (she was my randomly-assigned roommate) when she was fresh out of grad school, and Bear was an instructor there. They ended up becoming some of my closest friends, and I met Max (and most of the rest of SF) through Bear.
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Yeah, that's not making me less jealous.
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Disneyland on the Mountain: Walt, the Environmentalists, and the Ski Resort That Never Was, a nonfiction book my wife and I co-authored that tells the story of the ski resort The Walt Disney Company tried to build in California in the 1960s and '70s and the ensuing battle with environmentalists, won an award from the International Skiing Hall of Fame and has been submitted for a few others. It's our first book, so we are super excited and grateful for any recognition!
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everybody had matching towels, I'm a third-generaton Buffalonian (Williamsville South: Go Billies!); in the first half of the 20th century, my grandparents on one side owned a bakery; grandparents on the other side owned whatever you call a store that sells notions. I still think the city's motto should be, "Cold hands. Warm hearts." Your book sounds like a real treat!
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>whatever you call a store that sells notions

A haberdashery! Not sure how it morphed into a men's hatter in the US, but in the UK and Commonwealth a haberdasher sells notions.
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My most recent book, Universities on Fire, explores the future of higher education in the climate crisis. It came out in 2023.
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I should mention 2 works by friends, Meru by SB Divya, and Under Alien Skies by Phil Plait, which is eligible for best related work.
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Well that's a copy of doctornemo's book going in my university library.
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