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Hi Everyone! One of the locals, albeit more quiet these days, just had a second book birthday! Depending on whether you order from the publisher, or from online retailers, CoyoteattheDogShow's history of a turn of a century gang of confidence men in the Midwest Men of No Reputation is now out in the world!

Men of No Reputation follows the existence of Robert Boatright's "Buckfoot Gang," which excelled in conning duplicitous marks into visiting the gang's "athletic club" in Webb City, Missouri (just north of Joplin) for fixed foot races and other sporting events. The gang thrived under the cover of a crooked party boss until it didn't and everything fell to pieces. Out of the ashes, another gang arose under the leadership of John Maybray, which expanded their reach further across the country until the United States Postal Service' investigative branch brought them down.

This is CoyoteattheDogShow's second book, following White Man's Heaven, which traced a series of race riots and lynchings through the Missouri Ozarks in the same time frame.

Disclosure: Proud spouse.
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Congrats! Just went online and requested the local library add this one.
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This is very much my jam and I just purchased a copy.
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Hey, way to go and congratulations, sounds like a helluva story!
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Yay! Congratulations!
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Just swinging back around to pass on "thank you!" on the author's behalf! For those curious to learn more about it in a different format (i.e., reading), NPR affiliate KUAF's Kyle Kellams interviewed her for the station's "Ozarks at Large" show. The book discussion pops up about the 15 minute mark.
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