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The group working to form the MeFi nonprofit is looking for help in a few specific areas.

Attorney – Are you a corporate transactions lawyer with 501(c)(3) experience? We need legal help incorporating and applying for tax exemption.

Executive Director Search Committee – We’re looking for volunteers to help with preliminary work such as writing a job description and researching compensation.

Finance Committee – We're looking for volunteers to join the finance committee, especially if you have expertise in mergers and acquisitions, nonprofit formation, financial controls, or asset transfers. The finance committee's first task is to make a proposal for its scope and working plan, and present this to the interim board for approval.

If you’d like more information, please ask below. If you’re interested in helping, please write to and include your MeFi user name.
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does it matter which state the lawyer is in?
posted by clavdivs at 3:54 PM on March 11 [1 favorite]

does it matter which state the lawyer is in?

I am checking.
posted by NotLost at 7:30 PM on March 11

Have you decided what state you will incorporate in? Nonprofit government agencies, private associations and centers in each state exist to help you with finding resources and answering questions like these.
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The board voted unanimously in February to incorporate in Delaware, and to seek 501(C)(3) IRS nonprofit status.
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Here are the relevant links from Miko's list: Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement; Delaware Division of Corporations

Have either of these resources been previously consulted?
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1. does it matter which state the lawyer is in?
Clavdivs, no, the lawyer's state doesn't matter. I am told that "Any attorney familiar with creating llcs should know Delaware procedure."

2. We will check out the resources linked above. Thank you.
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I've been a nonprofit board member involved with the hiring of its executive director, and could share some thoughts/advice if you like (but as a one-off, not as a continuing volunteer role) -- would you like for me to email about that?

(Saw today's board update and realized I should ask.)
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