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This is a public thank you to chariot pulled by cassowaries for their frequent posts of good news from the natural world. It brightens my day to read about plants and animals recovering adversity, and people being not-terrible in helping them. Cheers to you.
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Yes! I also appreciate them 😊 118 posts so far in 2024!

I also notice chavenet (123 posts), hippybear (82 posts) and cupcakeninja (76 posts) making a big contribution to the front page this year.
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May your cassowaries never flag
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She’s a good egg!
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Heartily agreed! 🦘🦘🦘
posted by warriorqueen at 5:02 AM on April 6

Her posts have become as much a part of my morning routine as the Wordle, and I adore them, except when she tries to get us to have python for breakfast.
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Yes, CPBC needs to receive some kind of award for making MetaFilter massively more magical and less depressing.

Even if she does keep making up imaginary animals like puggles and quolls and bandicoots.
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Somewhere I read that a fraction of the knowledge in every field turns over each year. CPBC is working hard to keep us all current in natural science!
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Nthed! I regularly learn not only new things from CPBC’s posts, but learn about them in the context of good news. That’s no mean feat in today’s world. Hurrah!
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I'm always pleased to see the posts even when I don't have time to read them. Thanks and please keep it up!
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Thanks for all the good reading, CPBC!
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I don’t always comment, but I delay’s enjoy a cpbc post.
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These always make me so happy. Thanks for making it easy for me to say that.
posted by eirias at 10:51 AM on April 6

I like these posts, thank you for making them.
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That should be "always," but autocorrect is the very devil.
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Delay that order, matey! Else your ship is sunk.
posted by y2karl at 7:47 PM on April 6

Seconding this - I look forward to these and am very grateful -thank you chariots pulled by cassowaries!
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 8:05 PM on April 6

As someone who has actively worked in conservation, and has been out of that for a while, I really appreciate positive posts about things that I might have missed!
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Hear, hear!!
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Also applauded.
posted by jjderooy at 3:07 AM on April 7

Agreed! Beautiful posts.
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There must be some award we can give her...
but first we'll have to catch those cassowaries, and they're fast!

Thank you for the awesome info. I'm pretty much spoiled always wanting a CPBC post in the morning.
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I just have always wondered if these cassowaries are the double wattled variety, but good on nevertheless!
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The only good self-link FPP is a CPBC cassowary FPP.
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Sometimes I think MetaFilter itself is largely pulled by cassowaries.
Maybe the chariot is the friends we made along the way?
[these are consistently wonderful posts!]
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I second, third, and fourth this.

Thank you so much, chariot pulled by cassowaries! I am grateful for all your wonderful posts to the blue. It's always so good to see your name.
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Yes, they are truly delightful and very welcome posts.
posted by Martha My Dear Prudence at 3:23 PM on April 7

𓅦 𓌝

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Not only lovely posts, but one of the most charming usernames on the site. That mental image combo of stately elegance and exotic birdness never take to put a smile on my face (and another reason why it's nice to see it so often!)
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CPBC earns a trophy for the butt-breathing turtle post and all the rest is just an embarrassment of riches for the rest of us
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Thanks, CPBC -- I like your posts and they always make my day a bit better!
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Being a Metafilter-ite from the same remote part of the world as CPBC I am always slightly agog at that feeling of HEY! That’s us and ours on the front page! I know these critters, yaaay! when I see her FPPs.

(Ooh. Can we have a WA meet up, maybe with some critter-related theme? Whiteman Park for a twilight woylie walk?)
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love the name, love the themes even though one time a Bunch of us got a wee bit ..snark likeish. but I learn something and that's a theme worth repeating twice a day.
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I agree, these are great posts and always make me happy to see.
posted by Dip Flash at 8:15 PM on April 9

10000% CPBC's posts are both delightful and informative, which is a pretty excellent combo. one of MF's brightest lights!
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Yes yes, Hear here! It's a treasure and a delight, the posts contributed here. I always look forward to them!
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I love your posts so much! I will most likely never get to go to Australia, so I feel really lucky to learn so much from you about conservation of Australian species. I'm saving some of your links to use as examples when I talk about conservation in class--since most of my current examples are North American species, it will be great to spice things up.
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I continue to be astounded by how many species were assumed extinct but then have been rediscovered. Australia quite obviously isn't surveyed well enough because "oh yeah, they're dead" is too often a false assumption.
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All of the above. Kudos for chariot pulled by cassowaries.
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chariot pulled by cassowaries, thank you for doing something that all of us can enjoy.

seanmpuckett, thank you for taking the time to publicly recognize it.
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Yes, what majick just said.
posted by pompomtom at 8:30 PM on April 11

Hear, hear!!

As a fellow fan of chariot pulled by cassowaries' work here, I appreciate you making this post, seanmpuckett.
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I nth the leading sentiment. I love reading the good news. We need more
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Australia quite obviously isn't surveyed well enough because "oh yeah, they're dead" is too often a false assumption.

Australia is really big, and we’re the world leader in mammal extinctions, so there’s more candidates to play Lazarus.
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chariot pulled by cassowaries, thank you for doing something that all of us can enjoy.

Thank you also for repping Australia!
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Yeah, that's just one of the things I like about her posts: so much Australia! The "Sunshine State" is Queensland, not Florida. "WA" is Western Australia, not Washington. A good reminder to the internet that the United States is not the centre/center of the universe.
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I dunno, when I see “Marsupial Thought Extinct Found in WA,” I kind of enjoy the brief frisson of thinking “What has Seattle done now?” before correctly parsing the abbreviation. Kind of like “CA” always leads to “Canada? California? Let’s learn together!”
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Queensland, not Florida.

Tomato, tomato.
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