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***FYI this is a thread for Trans and Non-binary members only. If you are a cis ally and want to be supportive, please do so by reading carefully what your peers have to say and allowing them to express themselves without being questioned. There will be additional opportunities for feedback ***

There continues to be powerful organized legal and social efforts directed against Trans and nonbinary people and we need to take actions to ensure that MeFi becomes safer for Trans and Non-binary folks to participate and belong without having to face the same systemic hurdles they already have to face outside of this community .

As a step towards these changes, we want to start by conducting a short survey to collect feedback from trans and nonbinary members.

If you are a trans/non-binary member, we want to hear from you directly. Please comment below with questions you think should be included in the survey. This will not only help us crowdsource aspects of the survey, but will also help us find common grounds and concerns from you.

Please go to this second, less-structured, discussion thread for trans and nonbinary folks to discuss the questions here, their wording, get help framing concerns, etc.

If you want to discuss something adjacent to the topic, please Contact Us directly, rather than asking them in the thread.

Clarification: This thread will be open with the sole purpose of crowdsourcing questions for the survey until next Monday (July 1st). Afterwards, we’ll have other (more open) threads to go over the survey result and next steps.
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[Multi-select. Randomize options to reduce bias.]

Regarding controlling your personal identity and safety on Metafilter, which of the following features and/or policies would be important to you as a trans and/or non-binary individual?

- Button to delete your own individual comments without mod involvement
- Option to change your username (with or without time limit on further changes)
- Access to account wiping without justification (i.e., provided at any request)
- Other : _____________
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I'm personally frustrated with the minimal profile options, which currently don't hide About info from non-users when enabled. A lot of marginalized folks, including those of us who are trans and/or nonbinary, have to take our privacy really seriously and often operate pseudonymously online, and right now, the minimal profile doesn't do what I would expect it to do and hide the About info as well. I'd love a question that asks about this, because I'm wondering if it's just me or if there's something we can do about it.
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Like maybe a question could ask which minimal profile options people would like to be user-configurable. Because I would love to be able to hide my About info from non-members, which currently isn't possible. But I don't necessarily want to hide links to all my content on subsites from non-members, because as it's currently configured, that makes it so I can't share a link to my MeFi Music subsite posts/playlist. Maybe others have similar desires to be able to more carefully curate what the rest of the world sees.
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Bringing over some questions that I either suggested or liked from the other thread. Based on some of the other comments in that thread, I'm going to use the language "trans, nonbinary, or non-cis" to encompass the people who will respond to the survey, but I don't know if this is the right language to use.

-Thinking specifically about your experience as a trans, nonbinary, or non-cis member, what do you like about MetaFilter?

-What policies could MetaFilter adopt around member conduct that would improve your experience as a trans, nonbinary, or non-cis member?

-What policies could MetaFilter adopt around staff conduct and moderation practice that would improve your experience as a trans, nonbinary, or non-cis member?

-What else could MetaFilter do to improve your experience as a trans, nonbinary, or non-cis member given current staffing capacity and technological functionality?

-In the MetaFilter redesign, what future tech functionalities would make you feel more welcome or safer here as a trans, nonbinary, or non-cis member?

-What subtle, transphobic microagressions or dogwhistles (if any) should MetaFilter staff be more aware of and/or develop specific policies or guidelines to address?

-Thinking specifically about your experience as a trans, nonbinary, or non-cis person, what concerns (if any) have kept you from making a post or comment on MetaFilter?

-What sources do you consider accurate for reporting on trans issues? What sources should MetaFilter avoid due to a record of transphobia or other inaccurate or problematic reporting on these topics?
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One question I'd add, which I suppose is demographic information:

-Which parts of MetaFilter do you primarily participate in, whether commenting, posting, or even just reading others' posts and comments?

This would be a "select as many as you like" with the options being MetaFilter + each subsite and Chat (except maybe not Jobs? It doesn't really seem like a hangout space the way the others do, haha).
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