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i don't get it. my link to this site and my commentary about tasteless domain squatting was removed. not that i'm complaining (much), just wondering what's up.
posted by jcterminal to Etiquette/Policy at 1:10 PM (22 comments total)

your post and the one right after it, about an optical illusion dissappeared.
posted by tayknight at 1:12 PM on October 14, 2002

damn. i wish having a post erased lifted the post rate limiter. :/

i just found a GREAT article about an RIAA meeting stormed by kids dressed as pirates.
posted by jcterminal at 1:16 PM on October 14, 2002

it just wasn't interesting. "Oh here's a domain being squatted that also happens to be a meaningful word to many" doesn't leave much to discuss, and isn't really earth shattering.

I've deleted a few things today, some of which were done because they were just "eh" in terms of interest. This was one of those.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 1:33 PM on October 14, 2002

From the posting guidelines: "A good post to MetaFilter is something that meets the following criteria: most people haven't seen it before, there is something interesting about the content on the page, and it might warrant discussion from others."

As dhartung pointed out in your post, you didn't meet any of those criteria. Basically, all you did was provide the domain squatter with even more of the clicks it wants.
posted by UnReality at 1:38 PM on October 14, 2002

yeah, man... that post was like, so deep.

It brought me closer to understanding the whole internet/squatting/jewish prayer ... connection. Sad stuff man, really tacky.

Someday Imma do something about that whole "domain squatting"... something needs to be done. I'm going to write a letter to the president of the internet.
posted by cadastral at 1:57 PM on October 14, 2002

I thought my post about a car getting stuck in a fishing village was a bit funny ...
posted by feelinglistless at 2:58 PM on October 14, 2002

Flag on the play, unnecessary piling-on after the call was made by mathowie. Penalty is 5 minutes in the corner, first down!
posted by Stan Chin at 2:59 PM on October 14, 2002

Sorry I can't stick around for the rest of the game, Stan, but I'm late for my D&D meeting...
posted by Danelope at 3:10 PM on October 14, 2002

well, i thought it was going to create some sort of discussion. it also hasn't been posted before. so i thought it DID fit the guidelines. oh well.

btw unreality: that fuck doesn't care about clicks. he wants a buyer.

nice snarky comment danelope. sorry about your penis.
posted by jcterminal at 3:21 PM on October 14, 2002

sorry, that comment to danelope was uncalled for.
posted by jcterminal at 3:24 PM on October 14, 2002

JC: He does care for clicks. If you choose any of the categories, you get a page of pay-per-click links like this one:

http://[IP ADDRESS]/bin/findwhat.dll?clickthrough&y=47104&x=uqjfPLiE8ZcIu7SkFnPumv7mIymqQZ6n2T:aBH5b26YM6yDb:ejEbnkjJ927i0OkQLDkPNPhuo5CsqpTQOWllM$$2

These directory domain squatters are hoping to sell domains, but they still make money if they don't. That's why they are spreading like the flu.
posted by rcade at 4:01 PM on October 14, 2002

sorry, that comment to danelope was uncalled for.

Since his comment was snarky, redundant, AND pedantic all at once, I'll beg to differ. [tiny tim voice]*sniffle* Momma I miss for the old, angrier jcterminal. *bats eyes cutely*[/ttv]
posted by Ryvar at 4:03 PM on October 14, 2002

It was supposed to be a joke, jcterminal, as indicated by the self-effacing comment made shortly afterward (read: as soon as I could connect to MeFi again, as the server was unreachable for a while on this end.)

That said, I fail to see how the fact that I jokingly commented on your lousy post bears any relevance to the size of my genitals. If you'd like to believe it does, however, be my guest.
posted by Danelope at 4:11 PM on October 14, 2002

i just found a GREAT article about an RIAA meeting stormed by kids dressed as pirates.

We seem to have differing ideas on what makes a great MeFi post.
posted by languagehat at 4:46 PM on October 14, 2002

what about erasing this MetaTalk thread too?
It's not much more interesting than the original lame FPP is it?

and, Matt, what about adding something to the "Nothing to see here" message, stuff like "Please don't start a MetaTalk thread asking why the FPP was deleted in the first place"?

And a pony, of course

posted by matteo at 5:28 PM on October 14, 2002

I entirely understand your position, Matteo and half of me agrees it would improve the look and spirit of MetaTalk.

However, thanks to Matt's reciprocity and the existence of lo-fi MetaFilter, I think these "why has my thread been deleted?" threads serve a useful purpose, inasmuch as they reconcile the errant poster and remind us all we could have erred just as easily. In that (I think important) sense, they're community-building and pre-emptive.

On another note, I think the recent thread about too many NewsFilter posters has proved, by its visible results, that users do read MetaTalk - especially Matt's comments. Of course we have no way of knowing of how many redundant posts a MeTa thread prevents - but I'd say, going on a purely impressionistic hunch, that, ultimately, they're worth it.
posted by MiguelCardoso at 5:48 PM on October 14, 2002

rcade: I think it's more accurate to say that until recently, domain names were actually considered worth holding in bulk. Since they don't sell well, squatters are forced into prostitution pay-per-click methods.

Ah, darn it, now we're discussing jct's post anyway ...
posted by dhartung at 6:33 PM on October 14, 2002

great. now i need to be excused for creating discussion.

p.s. dan, i apologized. then i realized you were joking. now i don't know how to end this vicious cycle!

or die on the way home from work. either way works.

posted by jcterminal at 6:45 PM on October 14, 2002

sorry about that last jibe. i meant it for languagehat, being as he can judge things before he even reads them.

he should die on the way home. in the arms of a young asian boy-whore. on the news. with his parents watching.
posted by jcterminal at 6:48 PM on October 14, 2002

man -- we should all die like that.

Just not all at once, ok?
posted by ook at 9:40 PM on October 14, 2002

Are there enough young asian boy-whores to go around for that?
posted by UnReality at 5:44 AM on October 15, 2002

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