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Marketing, demographics, psychographics, no matter what key-word I try I can't seem to find the post I'm searching for. It was a link to two different sites that provided free demo- and psychographics for your zip code. I seem to remember seeing it on MeFi about a year ago, sometime between November and this Febuary. Anyone remember this, or am I imagining things?
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Here and here. Found it by searching for "zip code", although the main links only seem to be for a single site. So you may be thinking of something else...
posted by Johnny Assay at 8:01 PM on October 22, 2002

The first one is what I remembered, I wonder where I came up with the idea of a second site? Thanks though, I'm slapping my head for not thinking of "zip code" as a search term. Thanks.
posted by Grod at 8:07 PM on October 22, 2002

ah, figured it out, there's a choice of databases with the first link, PRIZM or MicroVision. Thanks again.
posted by Grod at 8:09 PM on October 22, 2002

I just got through reading this, and I almost thought that this post was meant sarcastically. Then I realized that I was reading two-week old MeTa.
posted by Yelling At Nothing at 12:01 AM on October 23, 2002

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