There is a minor bug with the text stylesheet. November 2, 2002 10:24 AM   Subscribe

There is a minor bug with the text stylesheet. The a:hover in the head class is not declared, causing the text to disappear into the white background when moused over.
posted by xyzzy to Bugs at 10:24 AM (18 comments total)

I think (although I admit I didn't study it too closely) that this can be fixed by explicitly defining a hover class for the links within the head class.
posted by xyzzy at 10:25 AM on November 2, 2002

Hover is declared, but it appears last.
I recall there being some odd little cascading issue(whose details I can't dredge up at the moment) that makes the hover state not work if the pseudo-classes are declared in an order other than: link, visited, hover, active.
posted by Su at 10:43 AM on November 2, 2002

Actually Su, is not declared in the stylesheet xyzzy linked to (text.css), which is causing the menu to pick up the hover style from default.css instead (which is where it is declared). I didn't compare them line for line to see if both Style Sheets are needed (Matt?), but overriding the hover in text.css would take care of it.

As for remembering the cascading issue with pseudo classes you could try this mnemonic:

Luther Vandross Finds Her Attractive

posted by mikhail at 11:36 AM on November 2, 2002

I added a menu:hover class and broke out the previous mention of hover, does it work now?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:39 AM on November 2, 2002

What a weird bug. I purposely load the text.css after the default.css, so that the classes override the previous ones. It didn't work on both versions until I broke out all the a classes into individual ones, and did them in the order mikhail suggested.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:44 AM on November 2, 2002

Yep, everything seems to be working.

And yeah, that pseudo class cascade was always a pain.
posted by mikhail at 11:50 AM on November 2, 2002

Do y'all talk like this at parties?
posted by machaus at 12:14 PM on November 2, 2002

Do y'all talk like this at parties?

A wise man once said "The way to a woman's heart is through arcane discussions of pseudo class support across browsers."

He died alone.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 12:30 PM on November 2, 2002

machaus: Without realizing it, you just stepped into a geek party. Feeling a need to shower is the normal reaction.

posted by mischief at 12:32 PM on November 2, 2002

posted by mikhail at 12:47 PM on November 2, 2002

Don't cry mikhail. I know I'll use "Luther Vandross Finds Her Attractive" soon.

Threads like this are my favorite part of MetaFilter.
posted by timeistight at 12:57 PM on November 2, 2002

Yeah, I' really just here for the involved discussion of the finer points of CSS.

Don't think this is related, but when I visited the other day the stylesheet refused to load at all (at least I'm fairly sure that's what it was); I got the sidebar all the way across the page.
posted by Yelling At Nothing at 3:21 PM on November 2, 2002

Yes it a:hover works now (thanks matthowie!).. but now the sidebar is black text on MeFi deep blue, which is not terribly legible. Looks like another CSS loading order issue.

And yeah, the way to this woman's heart is not chocolate or flowers, but an understanding of CSS and the finer points of structural markup. And a big TV, a tasteful DVD collection, and a good surround sound system. *grin*
posted by xyzzy at 4:43 PM on November 2, 2002

Sigh, that would it (a:hover) works now.
posted by xyzzy at 4:47 PM on November 2, 2002

I fixed the sidebar oddity.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 4:52 PM on November 2, 2002

All lovely now, thank you kindly sir.
posted by xyzzy at 5:04 PM on November 2, 2002

Matt, could you fix smart dalek's post from yesterday? It's still messed up in IE6 SP1 on XP. Thanks.
posted by riffola at 5:06 PM on November 2, 2002

Smart Dalek's MetaTalk thread.
posted by riffola at 5:07 PM on November 2, 2002

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