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When I wanted to do a search to find out if someone had linked to a given site in a FPP yet, I decided to try something different. I went to old google and put in this URL, which was the link in the most popular FPPof the day exactly two weeks ago, as a "who link's to you?" search.

Shouldn't google have indexed the thread, then, since it links back to the original article? Strange, that it doesn't do this for a link and lenghty thread on a topic that will have serious implications for everyone on the internet, specifically Americans? Has google dropped the ball? Is this all just a bunch of Tom-Foolery?
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Google hasn't visited MeFi recently, as is visible from their cache:

In the past they did visit very dynamic sites a bit too often, looks like they've changed the algorithm and this time erred to updating too rarely.
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I am surprised Google still caches sites like MeFi at all, but once a quarter seems adequate, all things considered.
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MeFi was getting indexed too often by the googlebot so I think Matt spoke with Google and had them decrease the indexing frequency.
It's 4:00 AM right now, I tried looking for the thread but I couldn't find it.
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robots.txt isn't excluding any threads. curiously, it seems that it's ignored by google (since the first hit searching for my name is my mefi user page, which should be blocked; on the other hand it's not cached).
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If your user page was indexed prior to the creation of that robots.txt file, and Matt hasn't specifically requested them to purge their index, I'm pretty sure that they will stay. I don't think they completely scrap their database every time they send the googlebot out, do they?

I had a similar experience when I told Google not to include jpegs from one of my sites in their image index. I tried just changing the robots.txt file, but had to specifically tell them to purge the files from their database, suing a very finicky (as I recall) online form on their site.
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We're dying to know: did the form countersue?
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I'll translate: "Yes, and they've just collected a hefty fine plus my tongue."

We'll be passing around the hat to see if we can raise enough to buy crunchland a prosthetic. Dig deep, folks.
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