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Matt has been featured in Shift, Slate, Forbes, Wired, and The New York Times. Now he hits the big time: a citation in a college freshman's English essay.
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Regarding this thread:
The ad uses the image of a beast like SUV to support the idea of male masculinity, power and the idea that you can control nature. Many truck and SUV sales come from this idea of power and masculinity. They create the image that with your new vehicle you can outrun, out power, and go to exotic places that no one else could possibly go. People tend to like vehicles that give them the power that their normal lives lack. These vehicles often create egos, which in return make the driver feel better than someone else. The ad does a great job of showing this male power obsessed recklessness. A spoof ad on the Internet said it best when interpreting the ad, A Big Red Angry Penis in A Land of Pussies and at the bottom said, "Start Running Over Hippies at Your Dodge Dealer " In my opinion it was a very good analogy.
Cracked me up.
posted by Shadowkeeper at 11:42 AM on June 26, 2003

heh, awesome.
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"If I can stop one kid from driving an SUV, it will all have been worth it."
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It may be worth the purchase price just to be able to run over hippies.
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Not to diss on the bloke who wrote this (oh to hell with that, it's unavoidable now, isn't it?), but I don't think I've seen an essay written in a more dry, stunted fashion. Sentence runs up to full speed, then full stop. Sentence accelerates, then full stop. I think he's going a bit hard on the ol' clutch in his prose SUV.
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jimbob, I think you are right. It seems very un-flowlike. It is hard to read. In short, I think it is very dry and stunted, also.
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You guys are gonna be so embarrassed when this kid shows up on this very thread - and it turns out it's Laurie Garrett!
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When I was growing up I had always dreamed of being cited in a college freshman essay. I had always been caught up by the glimpse of prestige that it empowered.
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Actually, it's Blair Hornstein, but she lifted several paragraphs from Laurie.
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He's a college freshman, and at least he cited his work.

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I've read freshman comp papers that are much, much, much worse than this. This one actually isn't too bad, considering.
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While in University, I did a fair bit of editing for friends, friends of friends, and people who lived in my dorm. As a freshman paper, this one is at least as good as 75% of the papers I read during that time. That doesn't make this paper not suck, but it does put it in some context.
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Back in the '90s, I had a review of Cliff Stoll's Silicon Snake Oil on my Web site which was linked in a college paper. (It also contained some arguments about online communities, because I felt Stoll had got a lot of stuff wrong.) It was pretty bizarre to see myself cited as an authority of some kind, instead of just some guy who posted a book review on his Web site.
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It was pretty bizarre to see myself cited as an authority of some kind, instead of just some guy who posted a book review on his Web site.

yeah, but really everyone cited anywhere is just some guy who had an opinion. I mean, yes, getting a degree and a book deal means that at least s/he had to convince some number of other people that his/her opinions were valid, but when it comes down to it, all of them are just other guys with opinions... and so on, ad infinitum...

(trying to use "guy" there gender neutral, like "hey guys". I know it sounds kind of clonky, but, well, eh.)
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Matt (and a few others) also mentioned in this article for the BBC. Blatant self link.
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Yeah, you'd be surprised what college kids, even seniors, turn out these days. Some damned sucky stuff in there... I don't trust my classmates to write the paper in group projects anymore.
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