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Over the line. Please kill this.
posted by squirrel to Etiquette/Policy at 10:51 PM (10 comments total)

posted by jennyb at 11:12 PM on June 28, 2003

Actually this genius has tried posting before, but was promptly bahleeted.
posted by Space Coyote at 11:12 PM on June 28, 2003

Thanks, squirrel, and thank you matt.
posted by ashbury at 11:18 PM on June 28, 2003

That's gotta be some kinda record, right? I mean, the guy is batting a thousand, as we Yanks are occasionally wont to say.
posted by adamgreenfield at 3:07 AM on June 29, 2003

Even funnier.

I'm quite new to MeFi and am getting the feeling that there's general agreement here to avoid partisan topics. True?
posted by turbodog at 4:56 PM on June 29, 2003

I'm quite new to MeFi and am getting the feeling that there's general agreement here to avoid partisan topics. True?

well he/she's not entirely wrong -- we DO try to limit the number of "Mac vs Beige Evil Box" threads, right? ;)
posted by matteo at 5:12 PM on June 29, 2003

Turbodog - As a former partisan monster (see my posted link chronology, if you want to know what I mean) who chilled a bit, I'd say that it's more about 1) politeness, 2) a general distast for sadism, and 3) a sense of balance - a uniform diet of politically contentious posts gets old mighty quick. If you'll notice, there are many on Mefi with very strong political views who rarely make any polical posts - they let others do the work and comment. Lately, I've developed the ethic of "balancing" a heavy load of political posts with more humourous material - it makes for a better read.

Then again, I do think blowing animals to bloody bits is just bad taste. If I were the reigning deity of Mefi, would I have let that post stand? I honestly couldn't say for sure, but on the balance I'd say not: it's too much of a snuff flick. Of a small mammal sure, but still........
posted by troutfishing at 5:14 PM on June 29, 2003

Has this already been proposed? Three strikes and you're out: You post three FPPs in a row that get deleted, boom, sayonara. I don't think that's too harsh considering the noise pollution here. Anyone who can't figure out what does and doesn't fit here, after posting nothing but blatant trolls that get deleted, should probably go back to lurking.
posted by soyjoy at 8:11 AM on June 30, 2003

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