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Let's talk about mod deletion policy

I would very much like for the community to get a chance to opine regarding when and if mods should delete comments on Metatalk. [more inside]
posted by Meatbomb on Jan 30, 2023 - 378 comments

Three ponies for remembering things

I would like to request that, when considering how to delete things and preserve privacy, we adopt these three practices:
  1. Deliberately leaving empty spaces / blanked comments / deletion notices as replacements for comments in threads that have been closed to discussion and have additional comments removed (e.g. via an account purge). This will help keep discussions that have faded into site history in order while also preserving privacy
  2. Provides some means -preferably not entailing any kind of download or export- for users to access their own comments on posts/questions/etc. that have been purged. This will let folks remember their own contributions, even if the context has necessarily been lost
  3. If user A sends user B a memail, user B keeps that memail even if user A purges their account.

posted by Going To Maine on Aug 5, 2020 - 266 comments

About Harper's Letter

I was about to post about it when I discovered it has been deleted twice already. While I understand the reasoning, I feel it's important to have a place to discuss the letter and its responses, especially considering many of its signatories have been posted about on Metafilter positively in the past. Ignoring this letter because of how "sucky the sucky stuff is" contributes to hide their willing participation and endorsement.
posted by simmering octagon on Jul 7, 2020 - 56 comments

So is Bernie off limits for anything slightly negative now?

I framed this post well. It is about a candidate that endorsed a man who's news group glorifies the Armenian genocide while same candidate refuses to endorse a young woman of color in Texas who could affect real change. We've had posts critical of Biden and Buttigieg but the other white man in the race is off limits? It's funny how: Unless it's actually big, *major* news, let's skip the "Candidate makes misstep" sort of thing. only comes into play when Bernie is involved or that this new rule appears only when Bernie starts seeing the heat. I would like clarification on the "new rules" that now only apply to some candidates. This is the sort of thing that would have been discussed in the megathreads- without them we need to have individual posts. But whats the point of individual posts if you're going to delete them?
posted by Homo neanderthalensis on Dec 14, 2019 - 147 comments

Strike that, reverse it?

Deleted posts can be flagged but not favorited. Shouldn't it be the other way around? [more inside]
posted by Rhaomi on Feb 15, 2019 - 18 comments

More explicit guidelines on what makes a good post?

This article by a closeted trans woman has been posted three times, and deleted three times, after a few early comments on the first posting largely agreed with another trans woman's critical take. The deletion reasons have repeatedly cited "a number of elements" that "will make it really hard to have a good discussion". I would appreciate the mods or the general community saying what those elements are, and perhaps expanding the post guidelines to provide a permanent reference. Implicit social norms beyond the obvious "don't be a jerk" are exhausting to parse, especially in a text-only medium. Whatever was objectionable about the article, please just spell it out. [more inside]
posted by Rangi on Jul 15, 2016 - 139 comments

Bad deletion debate

First deletion of topic. Second deletion (mysteriously described as "triple", presumably another person besides me and AlonzoMoselyFBI attempted to post the Globe future front page. One assumes others will as well). On attempting to load the directed suggested repost location, my browser (Safari iPad) crashed due to excessive thread length. [more inside]
posted by mwhybark on Apr 10, 2016 - 154 comments

Proper deletion or "Metafilter VS Reddit" bias?

This post was deleted for the following reason: Sorry, framing this as side-taking in some kind of notional Mefi vs reddit thing isn't great, the imperative at the end isn't really Mefi form, and "here are just a bunch of random good things from reddit" is too loose a net
I guess I'm not seeing the editorializing. Bad call in my opinion: I thought that this post was precisely "Best of the web". What does the community think?
posted by growabrain on Nov 21, 2015 - 86 comments

Did this need to be deleted?

Not too sure about the deletion of this post 'Gay men who hate women'. [more inside]
posted by litleozy on Nov 11, 2015 - 259 comments

Deletions record

I saw that five MeFi threads had been deleted in the past day for various reasons. I'm not here to question any of them; my curiosity is rather more vanilla: Does anyone know the record for most thread deletions in a 24-hour period?
posted by bryon on Oct 11, 2015 - 46 comments

Deleted Posts Pony Please

So, I've been striking out lately on getting my posts to stay up on the Blue. Not complaining, but it would be good to see the deletion reason. Sadly, I can't get the deleted post script to work on my (Safari) browser, or for that matter on Chrome. I really don't want to have to return to Firefox, which I hate only slightly less than IE. We have the automatic memail when a post goes up. Is it possible to get a nice pony that sends a memail with the deletion reason when the post goes down? Thanks much.
posted by bearwife on Jun 23, 2015 - 74 comments

Bad deletions

I have seen at least three really great posts on the NAACP situation deleted in the past few days. I guess there's a new Metafilter policy on this, but can the mods explain their reasoning? It doesn't seem, to me, to be newsfilter or "weird lady" filter, since the deleted posts have very good context and interesting depth.
posted by roomthreeseventeen on Jun 14, 2015 - 1589 comments

Deleting Mothers' Day?

I truly don't understand why NotATailor's post was deleted, I was really looking forward to hearing the stories of others on this topic. [more inside]
posted by drfu on May 10, 2015 - 119 comments

Perhaps a deletion was not the best solution in this case.

The deletion of this question troubles me. [more inside]
posted by prefpara on Jan 25, 2015 - 428 comments

Talking about rape too much

The deletion reason for this post states that we've had 'a ton' of rape-related posts lately; this would have been the fourth in the last month. I understand that this is a topic which is psychically taxing and can result in threads which require disproportionate levels of mod attention; however, the suggestion that 'we'd really like the site to do other things, too' rubs me the wrong way. [more inside]
posted by shakespeherian on Dec 9, 2014 - 399 comments

Moderating GamerGate Threads

It would be helpful to have a statement from our moderators about how they're handling moderation in the GamerGate threads, before certain myths take hold. [more inside]
posted by rory on Oct 28, 2014 - 303 comments

"You got your Male Privilege in my White Privilege!"

The recent post that draws an analogy between White privilege and being a bicyclist in a world designed for cars was deleted for being too similar to a post two months ago that draws an analogy between male privilege and being a bicyclist in a world designed for cars. [more inside]
posted by Johann Georg Faust on Sep 8, 2014 - 74 comments

Great article inviting bad/ boring comments = deletion?

This deleted post linked to an article on Israel battle tacticts inspired by post-modern philosophy that I found truly fascinating. Now, I guess the poster should have known that the comments would be 10% good faith discusion of the article and 90% standard Israel-Palestine axe grinding ... but for that to merit deletion is just a variant on the heckler's veto. [more inside]
posted by MattD on Sep 7, 2014 - 188 comments

I think you may have pulled the trigger too quickly on this deletion

I'm too lazy to go back and delete the title pun. Anyway, this deleted post is clearly a spectacle of horror. But I don't think it's *only* a spectacle of horror. When I heard about this incident, I thought the particulars of the event had the potential to add something new to the gun control discussion in the US. And I think the Metafolk could have handled the discussion. I can understand why some topics, ripe though they may be for nuanced & thoughtful debate, are often off-limits (Palestine e.g.). But I didn't think we got that wild on the gun violence posts. Am I wrong?
posted by univac on Sep 1, 2014 - 110 comments

Spoilers should not be deletable

In this thread, there's a note about spoilery comments being deleted. I don't think that's a good policy to hold here; the comments were (presumably) not harmful to members, and should not have been axed. [more inside]
posted by ChrisR on May 3, 2014 - 256 comments

Dylan Farrow NYT Letter Deserves Its Own Post

Several posts to this New York Times "open letter" from Dylan Farrow about being a survivor of abuse have been deleted [1] [2] [3] [4] on the basis that there's an open post about Mia Farrow, this is outragefilter, and that it's a touchy topic that we've "covered a lot recently". These are not convincing arguments for the deletions. [more inside]
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich on Feb 1, 2014 - 292 comments

What is the reason, again?

What is the difference between this and this? [more inside]
posted by efalk on Jan 29, 2014 - 176 comments

comment deleted b/c of who i am, not b/c of actual content of the post

after a few emails back and forth the mod, Josh, said For some random user with no pattern of behavior, obnoxious might not push it over the threshold, no. You are not some random user with no pattern of behavior on this. We have warned you to cut this shit out if you want to continue being; I am not going to go into detail with you on it again. Just knock it off. regarding my comment in this thread. more below the fold. [more inside]
posted by cupcake1337 on Jan 27, 2014 - 4 comments

When an Obama derail isn't actually an Obama derail

In the post about John Schneider's grieving photos, the photographer mentions that he did some funny impersonations of other actors and presidents, and so I made the comment, "That Obama impersonation is pretty great," wanting to let people discover this photo for themselves, but I guess the comment was too obscure and the mods deleted it thinking I was making some axe-grindy Obama comment. (I'm not complaining, I just thought y'all would think it was amusing.)
posted by straight on Jan 17, 2014 - 40 comments

Why is the S.H.A.M.E. project blacklisted on mefi?

My post appeared to be deleted because a page consisting mainly of a bibliography of internet publications of a prolific author (subject multiple mefi fpps) documenting his connections with right-wing political activism and with critiques of selected quotations is "editorially undiscriminating" and people don't like it. Editorially undiscriminating? Is MeFi now "fair and balanced." It seems like we are only allowed to talk about politics when provoked by someone like Balko (in a fpp) but can't actually examine the politics of provocateurs on the internet.
posted by ennui.bz on Jul 28, 2013 - 90 comments

Not mad, just disappointed

I'm a bit miffed that my post was deleted for "If this is a conversation MetaFilter is going to have that is going to go well, you need to start with a different post than this. Leave the edgy make-people-mad quotes out of it and explain why it's something interesting you think people will want to talk about." Because I don't think a) this was an "edgy make-people-mad quote but rather the core of the article and b) the thread was going reasonably well. I don't see why this post was any different from earlier posts I've written about trans issues, or for that matter, that the quote I selected was any different from other quotes on posts on equally sensitive matters I've posted. I'd like to see if and why I'd be wrong in this.
posted by MartinWisse on Jul 11, 2013 - 396 comments


I'm really disappointed that this Amazon thread was deleted. I saw the deletion reason but I think that the discussion that was happening was totally worthwhile, and though the FPP was a bit thin, we see much thinner posts that stand. I don't think just dismissing it as outragefilter is fair, if for no reason than it shuts down a great discussion that could have happened. I'd like to see it opened back up. [more inside]
posted by windykites on Jul 10, 2013 - 50 comments

Could we please reconsider the policy on "doubles"?

Could we please, as a community, revisit the notion that just because something is a "double" it should be deleted? [more inside]
posted by jbickers on Jun 30, 2013 - 73 comments

You beat the high score?

Once this morning, then again and again this afternoon, (effectively) single-link posts to a NYT op-ed by Julian Assange were deleted from the blue. Now, a cursory search shows many other single-link op-eds that have survived deletion, and also a fair number that haven't. What I don't see are many examples of a story being repeatedly deleted. I read MeFi via RSS feed; otherwise, this would pass by unnoticed. In years of doing so, I don't think I've ever seen a string of deletion events like this, and I figure others have noticed this as well. Any point in discussing?
posted by anarch on Jun 2, 2013 - 63 comments

Do comments here on Metafilter get "disappeared"?

I have a vague unsubstantiated feeling that some comments I've written got tossed into the memory hole. Am I being paranoid, or is this normal with some justification I'm not aware of? [more inside]
posted by MikeWarot on May 9, 2013 - 441 comments

When is a "cool thing in the real world" a "cool thing on the internet"?

This post by Lemurrhea was just deleted. I can certainly see why it needed to be deleted (it was an exceedingly thin post informing us that Neutral Milk Hotel has started touring again after 15 years). I get that, but I'm perplexed by the mod reason for its deletion. restless_nomad: This isn't so much 'a cool thing on the internet' as 'a cool thing in the real world." [more inside]
posted by justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow on Apr 29, 2013 - 79 comments

Deleting comments from MeTa

Hey, what's the deal with a joke comment being deleted from this recent MetaTalk thread? It was mild joke and I thought the bar for deleting comments from Metatal was much higher. I would ask in the thread, but when someone else did that, their comment was deleted, so here we are.
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Apr 25, 2013 - 16 comments

Tramp the Dirt Down

So, my comment suggesting that people not come into the Thatcher thread and say 'As an American, I don't know much about this, but you should probably be more nice about her' was deleted. I imagine the place to put it is here? [more inside]
posted by Acheman on Apr 8, 2013 - 1128 comments


I made an ill considered remark in timsteil's folkstreams post and he made a polite response which made me feel ashamed after I saw his consternation. I wanted to clarify my harsh out and went to make a clarifying comment when my computer crashed and I had to reboot. And when I got back, I made my comment and then saw his was already deleted. I am getting so sick of the editing of our conversations.I really think sometime that there should be placeholders for all deletions you make. You are overdoing it, in my estimation. [more inside]
posted by y2karl on Mar 17, 2013 - 53 comments

Post not paywalled

This post is not paywalled, so why was it deleted for being so?
posted by marienbad on Dec 13, 2012 - 109 comments

Does posting text of the article as a description count as editorializing?

Just wondering why this post was deleted. The text of the FPP was simply a copy/paste of the article posted. [more inside]
posted by czytm on Nov 15, 2012 - 26 comments

Mormon temple ceremonies

I think other versions of this post linking to a video of Mormon temple ceremonies ought to stand if they're offered. [more inside]
posted by XMLicious on Oct 22, 2012 - 212 comments

Overzealous comment deletion

Just had the comment below deleted from this thread. I don't feel that the deletion was merited. [more inside]
posted by knoyers on Sep 26, 2012 - 94 comments

Cabal much?

Why was this post deleted? The given deletion reason ("Wacky conspiracy stuff isn't really a good post for Metafilter. -- taz") doesn't really apply to the linked video, which is quite obviously comedy lampooning wacky conspiracy stuff. [more inside]
posted by Sys Rq on Sep 3, 2012 - 121 comments

Cortex makes a funny

Can we favorite a deletion reason?
posted by Thorzdad on Aug 22, 2012 - 31 comments

the great day of deletions

I notice that a few posts have been deleted already today (and yesterday there were seven!), so I was wondering if the mods have any stories about days where they had to delete an extreme number of posts from the blue? [more inside]
posted by rebent on Aug 20, 2012 - 51 comments

The only thing it lacked was a Chris Elliott cameo

Indecent deletions. [more inside]
posted by Blazecock Pileon on Jul 16, 2012 - 234 comments

It's not fundraising if you're not asking for donations

I don't quite understand why this FPP (about pet adoptions) was deleted. The reason given is that 'Heya, posts built around charity/fundraiser stuff are kind of not okay in general. If you want to make a post about adoption stuff in abstract independent of the sort of Get Out The Adopt angle, that'd be more okay.' Except that the charitable foundation mentioned in the post doesn't solicit donations, so there's no fundraising aspect involved, zero, zip, nada. As far as I know it's funded entirely by some rich person's bequest in memory of a beloved dog. They don't even have a donate button on the website, and the text of the FPP made it clear that they were in the giving-it-away business rather than the taking-it-in business. I'm not quite sure how to do a post about pet adoptions 'independent of the sort of get out the adopt angle.' Unless it's a post saying 'why you shouldn't adopt' or 'the dark side of pet adoptions' or something. This FPP was about a) the cool commercial video, which is a cut above most efforts of this type and b) the existence of resources for people who are interested in adopting a pet but might be worried about the cost.
posted by anigbrowl on Jun 8, 2012 - 122 comments

Deleting the thumbs down?

Were there some comments deleted from this post? [more inside]
posted by XMLicious on Jun 4, 2012 - 59 comments

Another Bad Deletion - It Ain't What U Post, It's How U Say It

This is a bad deletion. [more inside]
posted by a_girl_irl on May 14, 2012 - 133 comments

Fair Deletion?

This was an interestingly selective deletion on the askme Ron Paul thread, no? [more inside]
posted by The ____ of Justice on May 13, 2012 - 72 comments

Please stop deleting my comments

In a thread apparently inspired by a comment I'd made elsewhere a few days ago, I have had a comment deleted. Hardly my first time, but what I don't understand is why mods delete comments presumably because they disagree with the content itself. I responded in-thread a few minutes ago, but Metatalk seems more appropriate. And I'm sure my in-thread comment has already been deleted. [more inside]
posted by hincandenza on May 3, 2012 - 287 comments

How to tell when it is or isn't okay for a FPP to contain a single link?

Deletion clarification request! [more inside]
posted by Estraven on Apr 23, 2012 - 109 comments

Chests are good, butts are bad, mmmkay? Bingo!

I'd like to know the reasoning behind keeping some posts up while deleting others, especially as it pertains to these particular threads. [more inside]
posted by misha on Apr 20, 2012 - 265 comments


Can I get some comments on how the CISPA post should have been done? [more inside]
posted by jeffburdges on Apr 20, 2012 - 19 comments

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