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[the following question is probably un-answer-able]: how do you all decide what interesting things you run across to post on your own personal weblogs vs. post on metafilter? [after all, MF has no central theme or organizing philosophy..., but then again no one should post several times daily on MF...]
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i haven't ever posted on metafilter. (other than comments.) mostly because, if i find something that is interesting, it goes in my blog. i haven't yet developed a sense for what would be "appropriate" metafilter posts. although, all the name things and personality tests seem a good bet.
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like brig, I tend to post things I find interesting on the pocket, but I suppose if I found an item that I felt was crying out for discussion, I would post it here....

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Maybe that's my problem... since my 2 personal bloggish things are pretty strictly defined ("metametameta" and "me, but someplace else" - I end up posting things here that fall below my original MF criterion... either that, or I'm just a big spaz.
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I've used the 'Filter when my own site is either non-functional or doing-something-non-bloggy (as it is both right now, or when I've had something that I wanted to post not just for myself but to test people's reactions to... (my most recent examples have gotten ZILCH). But most of all, I'm trying to make MetaFilter into a Shrine to L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg, because MY site's already a Shrine to MYSELF.
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You mean I'm supposed to have a blog? I'm too lazy to keep a log or journal up-to-date so I use MetaFilter as an application to do that for me. I try to post things that I think you all (youz guys, y'all, yunz) aren't likely to bump into.
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