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Oh the floaty thing is behaving really weird in IE5 for the mac, and not at all in Netscape 5/6 alpha/betas, so it's probably best to just dump it from your prefs if you're running one of those browsers.
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To fix the floating bar for IE5 Mac, just skip the animation and let the floater jump to the new position, instead of scrolling to it: it should work fine.

On small monitors (800x600 -- is that small nowadays?), the bar doesn't fit completely if NS bars are on. But since it scrolls with the page, the user can never get to the lowest links. You could forget the 140px offset when you're not at the top of the page. That would make it fit.

But since the script is copyrighted, you can't change it without askin' permission to the author, and this whole post is just babblegibberishemirra. Oh la la...
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