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Interesting link or Googlebomb?
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Is this an interesting post about Savage's attempt to boost a word's pagerank, or an attempt to use Metafilter to boost a word's pagerank? I'm not necessarily dissing this post in particular, but I can see potential for abuse here: "Howard Dean is attempting to boost his pagerank for the word 'Democrat' by calling on bloggers everywhere to link to his page! What do you think?"
posted by straight at 9:26 AM on November 20, 2003

All of the above.
I don't think a Dean supporter would be that crass, but I am suspicious that the Who Wants to Marry Kucinich Thread was actually trying to recruit female MeFites to enter the competition.
posted by wendell at 9:36 AM on November 20, 2003

Maybe the Kucinich thread was also targeted at male MeFi members. How would Santorum feel about that, I wonder?
posted by Happydaz at 11:01 AM on November 20, 2003

There ARE no female MeFites, silly. This is the internet.
posted by rushmc at 12:41 PM on November 20, 2003

madamjujujive, calling madamjujujive!
user #1897 has just requested a whup upside his head!
posted by wendell at 1:35 PM on November 20, 2003

I was bored by the Dan Savage angle, but I liked the topic overall, especially the prospect of discussing Rick Santorum's "Man-on-dog sex" lunatic comments at length.
posted by troutfishing at 2:20 PM on November 20, 2003

::: hides :::
posted by rushmc at 2:41 PM on November 20, 2003

He's over here!
::: points :::
posted by wendell at 3:29 PM on November 20, 2003

:::looks around, doesn't see madamjujujive, decides to represent the double-X-chromosome gang her own bad self:::

You come back here and take yer whuppin' like a man!

:::crawls under desk to swat at rushmc; becomes distracted by dust and goes to get girly pink vacuum cleaner:::
posted by scody at 4:54 PM on November 20, 2003

:::points out wendell's Certificate of Achievement in ventriloquism:::
posted by rushmc at 4:57 PM on November 20, 2003

I'd watch it if I were you, rush. Here's what happened to the diner employee who told madamjuju that if she was in such a hurry, why didn't she fix her own breakfast?

posted by MiguelCardoso at 7:59 PM on November 20, 2003

Ventriloquism, yes, and you know my dummy...

Hey, nice vacuum cleaner, scody. Clean here often?
::: kicks rushmc under desk with one foot while playing footsie with pink vacuum cleaner with the other :::
::: hides Certificate of Achievement in contortionism :::
posted by wendell at 8:03 PM on November 20, 2003

::: realizes he's never going to get anywhere with female MeFites while he has his hand up quonsar's ass :::
posted by wendell at 8:05 PM on November 20, 2003

::: shut up you nitwit :::
posted by angry modem at 9:51 PM on November 20, 2003

::: eats another handful of beano :::
posted by quonsar at 9:52 PM on November 20, 2003

posted by arto at 1:19 AM on November 21, 2003

::: thinks three colons are the new | mark :::
posted by bonaldi at 2:48 PM on November 21, 2003

Beano is very good for your three colons.
posted by wendell at 5:50 PM on November 21, 2003

::: kisses wendell :::
posted by taz at 11:08 PM on November 21, 2003

wendell and Miguel both seem to know about madamjujujive's school of discipline.
posted by madamjujujive at 5:42 AM on November 22, 2003

Yes, madamjjj, but Spike Lee has sued over the use of the phrase "spike heels"...

And, thank you, taz, I needed that.
Unfotunately, right now I'm suffering through a middle-aged crush over scody, since she revealed she grew up knowing Animation God Chuck Jones... sigh...
posted by wendell at 7:23 AM on November 22, 2003

Well, Wendell, we are neighbors... so the next time you're in Miracle Mile, you can come on up and thee my etchingth thomtime, thailor. [/Daffy]
posted by scody at 10:09 PM on November 22, 2003

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