Can we has previews? April 2, 2000 5:24 PM   Subscribe

I am but simple caveman blogger. Your modern HTMl ways are far too complex for me. Back in my pleistocene days, before I was frozen, we had a preview button for comments on blog links so that we could see our text and mark up before it was committed to stone. Might we have the same?
posted by plinth to Feature Requests at 5:24 PM (3 comments total)

I must agree. If I could preview this here post, I could probably get it rigt, I mean "right!"

posted by raster at 8:49 AM on April 3, 2000

I third the motion, if only for Wendell's sake. ;)
posted by jason at 12:10 PM on April 3, 2000

I resemble that remark. (Something about the closing " on a href= tags that turns me into Homer Slips-some)
posted by wendell at 12:18 PM on April 3, 2000

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