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America's Finest City Meetup:, the website that created "the frontrunner," seems to need some help in creating a Meet Up for those of us in San Diego. Vote for your venue, date and time here.
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The Living Room sucks... Walk the three extra blocks to the Urban Grind on Park and University.
posted by rschram at 12:51 AM on December 17, 2003

So........ There's a San Diego meetup? Did I miss a memo?
posted by y6y6y6 at 6:06 AM on December 17, 2003

There was the whole "meetup" thread a looooooong time ago. I got an email from the site that does it this morning, which I presume prompted this thread. As far as I know, no meetup set up by has actually ever happened in San Diego.
posted by LionIndex at 8:17 AM on December 17, 2003

Original thread posted a year and a half ago.

We've got a whole four people signed up in SD. w00t!
posted by LionIndex at 8:22 AM on December 17, 2003

As far as I remember, Meetup was abandoned. It's really great if you're big into the curly fries.
posted by Kafkaesque at 8:35 AM on December 17, 2003

Meetup is working great for political campaigns and such, but seems to suck for disorganized clusters. We in Chicago have tried using Meetup for blogger get-togethers, and it's been mostly a disaster -- four to six people show up on average, if enough people RSVP for the event to occur. Only one meeting in the last four months.

We'll probably still half-heartedly use it, but we've mostly reverted to good old-fashioned networking and organizing by email.
posted by me3dia at 9:02 AM on December 17, 2003

Meetup is still around. I was just at a conference with some of their people. Howard Dean is apparently, to them, the greatest thing since hand jobs.

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I'll be down in SD around the end of December, and I might have time to stop by for a quick drink somewhere, but I doubt many people are in town between xmas and new years.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:29 AM on December 17, 2003

Well, then we/I better organize a meetup. What date/time will you be here, and where will you be based? San Diego is a big place. North county might be nice if some LA folks want to attend. But that won't work if you're downtown.
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I'm in town between xmas and new year's. Anyone else?

I live in Mission Hills/Old Town, work in La Jolla, so nothing's too radical for me, unless you want to meet in Fallbrook or something.
posted by LionIndex at 10:42 AM on December 17, 2003

If Matt's gonna be there, you might end up with a carpool full of L.A. MeFites (I have an old skool stationwagon that seats several, but when they hear me hit the brakes anybody with a self-preservation instinct will bail out)...

And Fallbrook is too radical for anybody. We could always split the L.A./S.D. difference and go to the Indian casino in Temecula...
posted by wendell at 11:28 AM on December 17, 2003

Hey, I'm sure y6 and I could make an LA meetup and an SD meetup, if that's what gets scheduled.
...Did someone mention curly fries?
posted by batgrlHG at 11:36 AM on December 17, 2003

I'll be in Del Mar and just up the hill from Sea World visiting family the 28th-29th, but I'm going to be shuttling from one place to another saying hi to everyone I can and might not have time to drop out for a few hours. Maybe that Sunday night? But again, I can't guarantee I'll be there, I've got some family events and a family emergency to attend to the days before this.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:58 AM on December 17, 2003

"I can't guarantee I'll be there"


Okay. We're organizing an SD/LA MetaFilter meetup for the evening of December 29th in the coastal north county area. Matt may or may not attend. Any ideas for a location? Some place easy to get to from the 5? Some place we can hang out for a few hours sipping drinks and nibbling snacks?
posted by y6y6y6 at 12:09 PM on December 17, 2003

Should we narrow it down to say, Leucadia, Encinitas, Carlsbad or Oceanside? Taco Auctioneers would have been perfect for this kind of thing (if it weren't closed).

Perhaps one of the bars on the 101 in downtown Encinitas? Anyone have any experience with those? I've only been in the Martini Ranch, and, meh. I've never been to anyplace in Carlsbad or O'side.
posted by LionIndex at 12:21 PM on December 17, 2003

I think Carlsbad or Oceanside are too far. One of our goals IMHO should be to make it easy for Matt to attend. Making him drive 20-30 minutes North doesn't sound like the best way to do that. Downtown Encinitas sounds like a good idea.

Martini Ranch sounds cool, but the waiting in line part doesn't.

Having just missed out on a meetup in Vegas because I couldn't find people in a crowd, I would lobby for a less chaotic environment.
posted by y6y6y6 at 12:37 PM on December 17, 2003

I agree. I was in no way endorsing the Ranch.

First Street?
posted by LionIndex at 1:00 PM on December 17, 2003

Wasn't Bill Paxton in a band called Martini Ranch?

So the LA meetup has been moved to SD? I'm confused.
posted by eyeballkid at 1:11 PM on December 17, 2003

Anyone been to this place: Oggi's Pizza & Brewing? It's right off the 5 and about 10-20 minutes from Del Mar.
posted by y6y6y6 at 1:20 PM on December 17, 2003

"So the LA meetup has been moved to SD? I'm confused."



I doubt it.

Here's my thinking. If Matt shows up, some people from LA may want to come down for the meetup. And if more people show up for the meetup Matt may be more likely to attend. So I've proactively added LA to the meetup without asking anyone in LA if they give a rat's ass. Which is, I assume, the LA way. Yes?

If LA does the meetup next month, I'll be going to both.
posted by y6y6y6 at 1:25 PM on December 17, 2003

And right up front I'll suggest that if the meetup's at a restaurant that someone be sure to tell the nice waitstaff where to send anyone who asks for Metafilter! Otherwise I'm imagining myself holding a cardboard sign ("MeFi Anyone?") and wandering aimlessly...
posted by batgrlHG at 1:30 PM on December 17, 2003

Oggi's pizza??? Wow. Thats walking distance from where my parents live. Which is where I will be this Christmas ... until the 27th that is.

Ah well. Have fun. Let me know if you need someone contacted or something set up in that area.
posted by vacapinta at 1:34 PM on December 17, 2003

Unless the LA attendees completely overwhelm the tentatively Dec. 28th San Diego-adjacent meetup, I'll still be hanging out at a so-far-undisclosed location sometime during the weekend of Jan. 10-11 with a "MeFi Anyone?" sign and what now looks like some MeFi swag to hand out...

In other words, LA Meetup has not been pre-empted... yet.
posted by wendell at 3:30 PM on December 17, 2003

Since I am the MeFi Meetup Whoreâ„¢ (I can claim that I've been to meetups in more places than any other user!), chances are that I'll make it to both as well just to keep my record.

I've been wanting to visit my bro down San Diego way anyway.
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:: fires up the witchstone signal ::
posted by eyeballkid at 3:40 PM on December 17, 2003

wendell: tentatively December 29 according to y6y6y6.

Oggi's is fine with me.
posted by LionIndex at 3:42 PM on December 17, 2003

According to mathowie, Maybe that Sunday night? which is the 28th, unless I'm misreading my calendar. Of course, if y6 wants to take on the Mighty Matt, I'll watch from a safe distance.
posted by wendell at 4:00 PM on December 17, 2003

Ah. Missed that part.
posted by LionIndex at 4:04 PM on December 17, 2003

I'm out of town until after New Year's but don't let me stop you. If enough people show up, maybe we can do it again next month.
posted by rschram at 7:36 PM on December 17, 2003

Right. Sunday the 28th. My bad. We'll do it the 28th.
posted by y6y6y6 at 4:50 AM on December 18, 2003

So where's this going to be again?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 1:15 AM on December 22, 2003

Oggi's Pizza & Brewing is the working model. I'll be heading up there in just a few minutes actually to check it out and make sure it will work. Once that's done I'll post an official meetup post with times, directions, how to find us, etc.
posted by y6y6y6 at 11:02 AM on December 22, 2003

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