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Very Small Pony: Matt, would it be possible to copy the code used for the URL search on the Post A Link page onto the Search page, so it could be accessed even if you have posted something within the past 24 hours?
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I think its a wonderful tool, and find it to give more reliable and accurate results than many Goggle or Archive searches. (The existing search box almost always times out for me.) I just wish it was available to me at any time. (Greedy, I know!)
posted by anastasiav at 7:40 AM on January 15, 2004

why don't you e-mail (or IM) a friendly MeFi user to do the search for you in the 24 hours after you posted a FPP?
posted by matteo at 9:21 AM on January 15, 2004

or just ask Carlos

posted by matteo at 9:22 AM on January 15, 2004

Let me make sure I understand you. You make a post to http://foo.com/ on metafilter, and now you found something new to post, but can't check if it has been posted before.

Here's a secret: the URL search on the post page is just a regular search that is identical to the search page.

Let's say the new URL you want to check for previous postings is http://www.example.com/funny/flash/movie/

Go to the search page, and search all threads since day one for:example.com or if example.com is a popular server with other stuff, search for: example.com/funny/flash/movie

It'll search for all instances of that exact string, even within URLs in every thread posted ever. Is that what you were looking for?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:36 AM on January 15, 2004

I've never had the search time out for me at all. I guess I'm lucky that way.
posted by dabitch at 9:48 AM on January 15, 2004

Is that what you were looking for?

It is, and that you for the answer. For whatever reason, however, the search page almost always (say 7 out of 10 tries) times out for me when I select 'from day one' whereas I don't see that when I use the post a link page. I was hoping the URL search was a different bit of code, but your answer clarifies things greatly.
posted by anastasiav at 11:04 AM on January 15, 2004

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