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clavdivs: "...My friend was right, people in this site are mostly snilveling ka-nits. I was mislead....say something stupid less harm...i will pounce and you WILL look stupid. Corrections are for editors -wanna job, you clean up my words, and i will say cleaver things for you, about you, and to you."

troll, nutcase, or something entirely different?
posted by lia to Etiquette/Policy at 8:11 AM (18 comments total)

Ersatz-beatnik too in love with the sound of his own stream of consciousness to edit.
posted by rodii at 8:34 AM on May 9, 2001

rodii: I thought that was me.
posted by thirteen at 8:36 AM on May 9, 2001

Guys, are you sure its ok to talk about him? He could make us all look stupid.
posted by Doug at 9:02 AM on May 9, 2001

I'm more worried about being cut apart by those "cleaver things" he's going to say. Somehow, I'm not all that worried about being outwritten by this guy.

But. lia, did you tell clavdivs that we were having this discussion? Let's be fair. The guy's not a troll, and he's probably not a nutcase. rodii's right. Can I steal that "too in love with the sound of his own stream of consciousness to edit" line? Please? He does, however, need to learn that you don't score any logical points by attacking the entire group you're posting to.
posted by anapestic at 9:26 AM on May 9, 2001

anapestic: Thanks for pointing that out, it's just been done. I'm not all that worried either -- I just want to know what a "snilveling ka-nit" is.
posted by lia at 9:41 AM on May 9, 2001

I agree that the atrocious spelling and the incomprehensible insult ( I too would like to know what a "ka-nit" is) are forgivable. But if he includes "LOLOLOLO" in any more posts, I move we yank his account immediately.
posted by varmint at 11:36 AM on May 9, 2001

I can't speak for rodii, thirteen, but you've always struck me as the "anti-beatnik". Or "anti-hippy", at least to the extent that beatnik/hippy are interchangeable. But that's a whole other subject.
posted by dcehr at 12:10 PM on May 9, 2001

thirteen's a very subtle beatnik, but he's definitely a beatnik. :-)
posted by cCranium at 12:17 PM on May 9, 2001

Can someone direct me to the TimBooker meta talk thread? I seem to be lost.
posted by thirteen at 1:39 PM on May 9, 2001

I've followed clavdivs' work for a while. He posts comments at Dean Paxton's site pretty regularly. Often entertaining, sometimes annoying. Here is an excerpt from one that left me scratching my head:

The kids call me agent bunny, as i have tooth and pillow duty. In my sock drawer i have these little teeth in a baggie. by jove it looks like crack. sister-in -law went to cuba last week, smoke?. i got a nefty flag and an assassination coupon(no expiration date).the gdub could work, lots of research, etc.

The beatnik thing is funny, as I almost posted something about berets, espresso, and finger-snapping last week after one of his more out-there comments. Hey, we're discussing him, so I think he makes a good addition to MeFi.
posted by gimli at 2:41 PM on May 9, 2001

No, John Thirteen, you are echt-beatnik.
posted by rodii at 4:24 PM on May 9, 2001

snivelling ka-nit

the french guard from monty python's search for the holy grail.

proper pronunciation:
snivelling {quickly} kaaaaaaaa-niggut, in a very french accent.

snivelling = snivelling {nothing wacky here}
ka-niggut = knight, very phonetically

insult, usually aimed at self-righteous british kings from long ago.

whoo, that was fun.
posted by carsonb at 4:19 AM on May 10, 2001

This will betray my more geekish side, but in Grail the term is "Silly English kuh-niggits," not sniveling. So, continue head-scratching. I still don't get it.
posted by norm at 8:26 AM on May 10, 2001

certainly not snilveling. and what's a cleaver thing then?
posted by lia at 8:55 AM on May 10, 2001

It's like a knife, lia, only heavier. And the angle on the knife edge is usually greater than on, for example, a chef's knife. It's used a lot for heavy chopping. I think snilveling is a kind of small fish, native to central Germany. But then I could be making that up. On-line game of dictionary, anyone?

posted by anapestic at 9:00 AM on May 10, 2001

I know what a "cleaver" is, anapestic (hel-lo), what I wanted to know is what sort of conversation you can make with one of clavdivs' "cleaver things." Cutting edge humor, perhaps? Or not.
posted by lia at 11:57 PM on May 10, 2001

I knew you knew what a cleaver is, lia. Do you know what a joke is (hel-lo)?
posted by anapestic at 5:29 AM on May 11, 2001

Cleaver thing.
posted by rodii at 10:04 AM on May 11, 2001

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