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...just stokin the flames ya'll. Be nice.

Why on earth should I be nice to someone who's knowingly being an ass?
posted by cCranium to Etiquette/Policy at 10:15 AM (7 comments total)

A. They're a bureaucrat who is the only person in the world who can give you a license, permit, receipt, approval, stamp, certificate, etc.

B. They're a newcomer to Metafilter and you're hoping that you can break them like a wild horse, they same way you have most of the previous 7000 users, in order to teach them the ways of Metafilter, even though you're damned well sick and tired of it.
posted by Mo Nickels at 10:41 AM on May 15, 2001

A) I'll buy that.

B) If they're unknowingly being an ass I'm happy to be polite, and very likely to overlook anything I consider a transgression (I don't doubt I irritate people regularily with my posting behaviour) but flagrant self-admitted flame-baiting? Ick.
posted by cCranium at 10:50 AM on May 15, 2001

You guys are funny.
posted by sudama at 11:01 AM on May 15, 2001

Why on earth should I be nice to someone who's knowingly being an ass?

Because you've evolved a huge brain, posable thumbs, bipoedal motion, and peripheral vision [sic] in order to be nice to idiots?
posted by iceberg273 at 11:05 AM on May 15, 2001

"Why on earth should I be nice to someone who's knowingly being an ass?"

Because you're a frequent Metafilter user?

Seriously. This is a public forum. Like it or not. If you let users bait you into returning their juvanile behavior in kind you make the place worse. Just my opinion.

All of us know you could flame glenwood into ash, but what would that get you? He gets attention, you look cranky.

I don't think you should send him flowers or anything, just don't fall for the bait.

On the flip side, I found his comment and the resulting humor very entertaining.
posted by y6y6y6 at 2:46 PM on May 15, 2001

because being vewy vewy qwiet often makes them go the hell away? and it's tough to remain on the moral high ground when you [or one] engage in the exact same behavior that you are railing against? because MeFi is self-correcting, although slower than some might wish for? because saying to yourself [or others] "I am the smiling buddha and do not care at all to be involved in petty squabbles" can sometimes make you feel good? because there's a difference between being nice and just blowing off?

ah hell, I dunnow.
posted by jessamyn at 9:55 PM on May 16, 2001

I am the smiling buddha

Thank you for that. I'll carry it with me.

I think he was just making a joke, in a pretty standard "annoying guy" mode. Sometimes those are funny, sometimes they go astray. Be charitable.
posted by rodii at 9:37 AM on May 17, 2001

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