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An Unofficial Index of MetaFilter Megaposts

I love megaposts. So I made an index of megaposts with more than about 900 words. [more inside]
posted by not_the_water on Feb 7, 2018 - 40 comments

Memories of MeFi troll

Settle / KettleBlack reflects.
posted by Chrysostom on May 17, 2013 - 141 comments

When is a Double not a Double?

I'm not entirely sure how I came to it but I was reading this post at Gawker & wandered down into the comments only to find this odd bit of writing. Some of the replies were witty but then (MeFi's own?) Gawker editor Maureen O'Connor pointed out it was essentially identical to this anonynmous AskMe from 5 years ago. At the very least I figure it's a curiosity worth pointing out to my fellow MeFites who have too much free time on their hands & want to dissect it under the usual microscope.
posted by scalefree on May 27, 2012 - 47 comments

The Oxford Handbook of Eye Movements

So the Amanda Knox thread has been pretty successfully trolled in the exact same way twice now, the first time apparently by a user operating under a secondary account. So, hey, are nerkul and fraac the same people? and could they knock it off?
posted by Artw on Oct 5, 2011 - 100 comments

SEO Troll?

Does anybody else suspect that Cindyrella might be linkfarming? [more inside]
posted by thsmchnekllsfascists on Dec 20, 2010 - 82 comments

How does metafilter stay troll free with an economy like this?

This post seems kinda trollish. [more inside]
posted by TheBones on Oct 1, 2010 - 39 comments

o look, tis a troll. A hairy, nasty little troll.

Pseudohyotheticalmetatroll filter...What would you do? [more inside]
posted by TomMelee on Jun 18, 2010 - 131 comments

Please remove the hook from your lip before attempting to answer.

Does this AskMe post seem fishy to you? [more inside]
posted by zhivota on Feb 20, 2009 - 68 comments

Trolling Ask.Mefi?

"Well it appears I accomplished exactly what I wanted when I posted (what I obviously knew to be) a contentious question. I left out some details initially..simply because I wanted to see how much people were willing the assume about my friend's relationship (and my problem with it)..." [more inside]
posted by chunking express on Jan 27, 2009 - 98 comments

We need to talk about this...

During the GiveWell hubbub, some commenters become obsessed with outing a pseudonymous troll calling itself "Rachel Tension." We need to talk about the ethics of outing, unmasking, and breaking anonymity. [more inside]
posted by anotherpanacea on Jan 13, 2008 - 182 comments

The fish is in the pants

quonsar is consistently a fucking idiot. This call-out will no doubt give him a hard on, but the free pass to troll is really baffling.
posted by four panels on Dec 18, 2006 - 178 comments

[username] posts a single link to a Kos diary...

Troutfishing posts a single link to a Kos diary, acknowledges that it will be deleted, and taunts other members. Seems like a vacation might be in order.
posted by monju_bosatsu on Apr 13, 2006 - 146 comments

It's a selflinker gone wild

MeFites Let's Roll!
posted by blue_beetle on Oct 28, 2005 - 102 comments

Can we have this shot down?

This post (http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/43307) is spreading a malignant internet troll. Could it be shot down, please?
posted by TimothyMason on Jul 6, 2005 - 34 comments

Troll is so ... quaint

"Troll" may have a respectable lineage on the Web but, frankly, for some of us who joined later in the day, it seems like a quaint, medieval way of classifying anyone who's the least bit provocative, thought-provoking or even unorthodox. Recently, any forceful, strongly-worded attempt to spark discussion with a non-mainstream viewpoint, generally from the Left, has been lamely denounced as a "troll". Could it be time to give the ye olde troll accusation a well-deserved rest? I hope so. The English language is one of the richest in the world and troll sounds parochial, pimply, nerdish, cliquey, incestuous and, ultimately, meaningless.
posted by MiguelCardoso on Aug 30, 2004 - 78 comments

Calling Out Hama7

classic troll: toss a turd you *know* will incite much argument, for no apparent reason.
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood on Aug 3, 2004 - 173 comments

Calling Out McBain

"I really don't care how bad an FPP this is...basically I don't give two shits how biased my FPP is. "
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Mar 8, 2004 - 136 comments

Callout/Etiquette: please have the courtesy to put email in profile

Proposed : That if you're going to incessantly troll threads and insult people's intelligence, all in an infuriatingly supercilious and unctuous tone that seems intended to inflame, you should at least have the courtesy to provide an email address on your profile, disposable or otherwise.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Aug 22, 2003 - 147 comments

No Iraq amputee trolling please.

Come on do we need this type of trolling here? (more inside)
posted by SuzySmith on Jul 26, 2003 - 29 comments

Calling Out ParisParamus

Is there any reason to tolerate inflammatory hate-screed like this?

Once again: PATHETIC, delusional, A-HOLE PACIFISTS.
posted by rushmc on Jan 20, 2003 - 144 comments

FPP: Trolling?

Trolls disguised as pleas for piss tests? Maybe someone should just ask ponchogaddo to stop pissing all over the threads.
posted by insomnyuk on Jul 2, 2002 - 14 comments

Is MidasMulligan trolling?

Troll, Ignorant, or Other?
posted by jacobw on Mar 5, 2002 - 30 comments

Callout: "fat, lazy, no discipline"

"In the end, it is true that fat people are lazy and/or have no self discipline . . . "

Leading to "idiot troll" accusations. Ugliness. And I didn't join in for a change!
posted by Skot on Feb 26, 2002 - 111 comments

shut the hell up

"OWillis, shut the hell up, you pinhead. If you have something to add, add it. If not, keep your damn, troll, stinky, ass shut. I do not have time for people like you. Right now, you are not welcome in this thread."
posted by crunchland on Aug 4, 2001 - 26 comments

Mickey Suttle

Is Mickey Suttle back? In his newest incarnation (as "ordinaryworld") he's posted three links, two (less than two weeks apart) to amandahades.com and one to supershadow.com. And of course these link to each other, and to other sites in the Suttle "empire." In his previous incarnation (as "supremecourt," "historical", "jpl" and "vehicle"!) we talked about him here.
posted by rodii on May 26, 2001 - 5 comments

Why should I be nice

...just stokin the flames ya'll. Be nice.

Why on earth should I be nice to someone who's knowingly being an ass?
posted by cCranium on May 15, 2001 - 7 comments

Don't make me post a 'No Trolling' sign... Too Late.

this is an out and out troll, does anyone not agree?

I'm adding "no trolling" to the guidelines.
posted by mathowie on Sep 17, 2000 - 14 comments

Have I Trolled?

Okay, I've been accused of trolling. Have I trolled? And what did I say that was a troll? I'll try to avoid it in the future if I've horribly offended the community. Mark likes Metafilter, and doesn't want to be noise in the signal.
posted by mrmorgan on Apr 25, 2000 - 6 comments

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