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Does anybody know where that fake page that mathowie put up a few years ago when MeFi was down is hiding? This is the one where he claims that Metafilter was a social experiment in AI and that the vast majority of the writers here were simply software constructs. This was right after he got on the cover of some magazine, and said it was just some actor..... Thanks.
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posted by timeistight at 6:02 PM on March 19, 2004

Don't call me Eliza.
posted by wendell at 6:28 PM on March 19, 2004

Is there a directory listing somewhere that shows all of the various mefi pages, not including, of course, the threads and user pages?
posted by ashbury at 7:28 PM on March 19, 2004

posted by willnot at 7:31 PM on March 19, 2004

Don't call me Eliza.

And next time you zoom through the Everglades, please listen more closely than usual to my whistling nipples.
posted by MiguelCardoso at 7:32 PM on March 19, 2004

Miguel, can you do Strangers in the Night with 'em?
posted by ashbury at 7:38 PM on March 19, 2004

doo be doo be do
posted by MiguelCardoso at 7:50 PM on March 19, 2004

Our examination of the various current attempts to create Glass Bead Games on the Internet has revealed that the general GBG community (several well informed scholars excluded) is relatively unaware of the essential connections between the GBG and the Esoteric Tradition.
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doo be doo be do

Damn penguins.
posted by snarkywench at 12:58 AM on March 20, 2004

clavdivs, with a name like "Purucker", the Esoteric Tradition has to taste good!

And, Miguel, thanks a lot. Now I can't get the sound of your whistling nipples out of my mind.
posted by taz at 4:19 AM on March 20, 2004

Never knew about that...very cool. Sounds like a good case study in epistomology.
posted by jmd82 at 9:24 AM on March 20, 2004

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