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Is this weblog-as-conversation or game site material? (I know - it's only one person, but this sort of thing shouldn't happen.) What is up with such comments? In more controversial threads, it's to be expected. Do sarcasm and concurring opinions always have to be clearly labeled, though? (In the former case, my use of "disorder" was slight exaggeration for effect, given our society's current mania for the label. But it just so happens that it fits the angry-letter description perfectly. Unfortunately, by the end of that second angry letter, a rather intriguing thread on a non-dire matter has been killed by hostility.)
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Oh, and I've been guilty of going on too far with people trying to hack me off before, especially during the early days of ljr (which were just three weeks or so ago). But I didn't ask or go along for that sort of thing this time. Mercy.
posted by raysmj at 7:36 PM on June 24, 2001

My response to asshole responses like BagMan's are always pretty much the same: Who the fuck are you?

This is what happens when one spends too much time counting one's baseball cards. One forgets to grow up, and when confronted with an adult world, one simply can't handle it.

As I said to you recently in an email, ray:

Carry on. Fight the good fight. Don't let the bastards get you down. ...and other cliches.
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Oh, thanks, jpoulous. And Big Man, who I usually am in agreement or close to agreement with, has apologized. I dunno. Felt like posting the above for the same reason I posted a, "Please, always lock the burglary door," after a new neighbor unwittingly provoked (by "stealing" a girlfriend much bigger than he) a guy to come over and bang on his door as if he (the provoked guy) were on crank and to shut all the lights off and threaten to kill everyone, including me, before I called 911 and soon thereafter had a cop hold a ladder so I could hand neighbor, via window, an electric screwdriver to take off his deadbolt (jammed in the door beating) in order for the poor guy to even get out of his apartment. Sort of, "Dear Lord. This does not need to happen. Thanks! (sighs, pours some Bourbon)."
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