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A post just vanished off the front page. What was that about? And did anyone else see it? (It was called "The Cost".)
posted by suleikacasilda to MetaFilter-Related at 10:15 AM (7 comments total)

That message only appears to users who have the "iraqfilter" box checked in their profiles.
posted by mecran01 at 10:20 AM on May 18, 2004

You can see deleted posts here. Not sure why it was offed.
posted by iconomy at 10:21 AM on May 18, 2004

Been done already, apparently.
posted by MrMoonPie at 10:22 AM on May 18, 2004

This post was deleted for the following reason: posted zillions of times before

more info on lofi here
posted by matteo at 10:25 AM on May 18, 2004

Thank you for satisfying my curiosity and supplying the links. I never knew.....
posted by suleikacasilda at 10:30 AM on May 18, 2004

When was lofi launched?
posted by scarabic at 11:09 AM on May 18, 2004

Lofi has existed as long as I've been a member, as far as I know, so at least three years. [And now that I've just checked, Saturday was my mefi-birthday! Yay for me!]
posted by monju_bosatsu at 11:56 AM on May 18, 2004

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