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Although it is not Ice Cream Day, I am enjoying a lovely dish of rainbow sherbet.

That is all.
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Every day this month is Ice Cream Day.
You may preserve your sense of timing.
posted by dong_resin at 12:09 PM on July 13, 2001

I think I'll get some frozen custard on the way home. Although, frankly, I kind of wish it were Cheesecake Month instead.
posted by binkin at 12:12 PM on July 13, 2001

Hot fancy Christ! So you mean I could eat ice cream EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK?

*mind boggles*

Good Lord, what the hell would happen to a person if they dared to eat ice cream NOT ONLY on Tuesday, but also on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday???

posted by solistrato at 12:19 PM on July 13, 2001

You mean, FATNESS!
posted by kindall at 12:46 PM on July 13, 2001

There's a National Ice Cream Month? And Ronald Reagan declared National Ice Cream Month? And years later, they actually put together a web site for National Ice Cream Month? And the website is from the government? And the main thing the government has to say for ice cream is that it's healthy, because it gives you calcium? And the government's National Ice Cream Month website is part of the government's Girl Power website? And the government even has a Girl Power website? And it looks like that?

It all seems so wrong, yet it's so strangely fascinating--and anything with ice cream in it can't really be bad, can it?
posted by moss at 2:53 PM on July 13, 2001

I understand, moss.
I would have posted the Ice Cream Month page on the main MeFi site, but there weren't enough words for me to mess up.
posted by dong_resin at 1:02 AM on July 14, 2001

Lo, National Ice Cream Month is neigh! Er, nigh! Er, actually, upon us! ;)
posted by binkin at 7:02 AM on July 14, 2001

Sherbert is not ice cream.
posted by jpoulos at 10:28 AM on July 14, 2001

(Did I just troll?)
posted by jpoulos at 10:28 AM on July 14, 2001

It's sherbet not sherbert, you troll ;-)
posted by briank at 6:10 PM on July 14, 2001

(Did I just troll?)

No, you blasphemed.
posted by solistrato at 8:36 PM on July 15, 2001

briank: Sherbert is indeed another word for "sherbet."
posted by smich at 9:14 AM on July 16, 2001

Did somebody say cheesecake? Tried this for the first time on Saturday. Best. Recipe. Ever.

WHAT YOU NEED: 1 1/4 cups chocolate wafer cookie crumbs; 1/4 cup melted margarine; 1/4 cup sugar; 8 oz softened cream cheese; 14 oz sweetened condensed milk; 2/3 cup chocolate flavored syrup; 1 tbs instant coffee; 1 tsp hot water; 1/2 pint whipping cream, whipped; additional cookie crumbs. WHAT YOU DO: Combine crumbs, margarine, and sugar, press firmly on bottom and sides of 8-inch springform pan. In large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy. Gradually beat in sweetened condensed milk and chocolate syrup until smooth. In small cup, dissolve coffee in water; add to cheese mixture. Mix well. Fold in whipped cream. Pour into prepared pan; cover and freeze 6-8 hours or overnight. Garnish with additional cookie crumbs.

Now let's have no more talk of Ice Cream, Sherbet, or Sherbert.
posted by davidmsc at 11:16 PM on July 16, 2001

So then I got this idea about driving a cheesecake truck, because at the end of the day I could take some of the leftover cheesecakes home, and I love cheesecake. So I went to the cheesecake company and they asked me if I could drive a truck and I said yes and they said you're hired. So the next day I got in the truck with all the cheesecakes and I drove about a block and I just had to have a cheesecake. So I pulled over and I opened the trunk and I got a cheesecake and I also took one for later, and I took one for my friend Farmboy, and I took one to bring home and by this time I had eaten one of the cheesecakes. So I tok another one. Then I figured I might as well stop at my house to drop off all the cheesecakes. So I took five cakes to eat on the way and I drive another block and a half to my house. Now it's lunchtime, so I eat ten cheesecakes and a cheesecake for dessert. I should point out that all of these cheesecakes were very delicious. Anyway, I decided that the only thing to do would be to eat all the rest of the cheesecakes and hide the truck somewhere and leave town. I miss everybody a lot, but I'm not really sorry, because they were very delicious cheesecakes.
posted by Zippity Bop™ at 7:10 AM on July 17, 2001

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