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I hate ObitFiler as much as the next guy, but this almost-literary Brando remembrance made me forget why. Thanks, Dobbs.
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So? Everyone has their own idea of what MeFi should be. Does every FPP that doesn't fit the mold have to be brought up in MeTa?
posted by MrAnonymous at 12:25 PM on July 2, 2004

And for the record, I have no problem with ObitFilter.
posted by MrAnonymous at 12:26 PM on July 2, 2004

posted by loquax at 12:27 PM on July 2, 2004

This isn't a call-out. Pay attention.
posted by iconomy at 12:29 PM on July 2, 2004

Awesome. This is an example of why I keep coming back here.
posted by Quartermass at 12:36 PM on July 2, 2004

Dobbs is cool
posted by matteo at 12:46 PM on July 2, 2004

Good call, luser - a cracking comment I wouldn't have seen otherwise.
posted by nthdegx at 12:51 PM on July 2, 2004


Luser was paying a compliment.

Had he phrased it, "this almost-literary Brando remembrance made me remember why. Thanks, Dobbs", then it would've been an insult.

And what iconomy said.
posted by dhoyt at 2:31 PM on July 2, 2004

It worked for me.
posted by mischief at 3:00 PM on July 2, 2004

I like it when we add links and substantial content in the comments. It strengthens the overall page, makes it more useful, and lessens the imperative for the initial poster to hit it out of the park right from the start. This is how to cover the big news stories: collaboratively, accumulatively.
posted by mcwetboy at 4:26 PM on July 2, 2004

I agree with mcwetboy, and I'd even say that people talking about "bad posts" and such tend to miss the point. I know that (supposedly) it's about the links, not the discussion, but often there are links within that discussion that are far more useful than the original ones.
posted by reklaw at 6:46 PM on July 2, 2004


My first MeTa callout. Thanks! :)

posted by dobbs at 8:00 PM on July 2, 2004

Thanks, luser. I too would have missed the comment, and that would have been a pity. dobbs is one of the unsung heroes around here.
posted by languagehat at 8:13 AM on July 3, 2004

posted by Witty at 11:09 AM on July 3, 2004

Yes, I too very much enjoyed reading dobbs's comment. Lovely.

There's actually a related thread -- the thread on method acting in AskMe -- that's one of the most interesting and informative threads I've yet seen in the green. I thought that grumblebee's lengthy explanation of the method, in particular, is really well worth bringing to everyone's attention. Wonderful stuff! Thanks, grumblebee! And thanks, really, to everyone who participated in that thread.
posted by .kobayashi. at 9:06 AM on July 4, 2004

This isn't a call out, it's a shout out, Dobbs. And well deserved.

posted by squirrel at 11:07 AM on July 4, 2004

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