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Right around the Democratic Primaries, I followed a link I saw here to an article about John Kerry, where he was grilled for a while by Dem-friendly (but anti Iraq war) journalists about why he cast a vote for the resolution that gave Bush the power to go to war. I can't find this now. Can anyone help?
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I seem to think that it wasn't in an FPP, but within a related thread. I also seem to remember a quote from Kerry somewhere along the lines of "If you think that we'd have gone into Iraq this way if I was President, you shouldn't vote for me."
posted by namespan at 11:12 AM on August 18, 2004

SO there's this new search engine called Google. . .
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snark aside, thanks much. My own google searches had turned up secondary reports but never the direct link... but your search had a link that went to the actual article from (of all things) a Free Republic site.
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There was also a good New Yorker article about this.
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