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Yes, I know the election is coming. Yes, I know there are cool sites that make fun of Bush and/or Kerry. Yes, the other guy is evil. But, who really cares that some cartoonists are mocking the President. I think that was an old meme around the time of Gutenberg.

Can't we please get back to posts about pancakes, bloggers, monkeys, and other non-election related topics.
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November 2, then this can all be over. (kinda)
posted by elwoodwiles at 10:43 AM on October 11, 2004

Unless Bush wins, in which case we move the server to Canada.
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Rampant NewFilter aside, I really have to say this is an extensive, annotated document, much more than just "some cartoonists are mocking the President."

It has the further relevency of comics as art, and sometimes journalism, and sometimes political exposé and information, a trend noted in publications like the New York Times and Spin and Rolling Stone but still not acknowledged by my local Border's Books, which divides its comics into two shelf-sections labelled "Superheroes" and "Manga." I'm all for seeing this point pushed and acknowledged.
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We can't go back. Everything's been outsourced. Even the monkeys went overseas, to work in the robot factories. The robots themselves cook pancakes for our troops waging the battle for freedom. In case you've forgotten, kittens have now sided with the squirrels in destroying our liberty. Repelling their relentless onslaught is hard work, very hard work...
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Argyle: Ever consider that such sites as the one you reference really ARE the 'best of the web'?
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Mischief: Yes, the art is nice and all and witty, but at this time it's simply too much politics.

Don't you ever eat too much chocolate and get to the point where even your favorite dessert loses all appeal?

All I'm saying is that those kinds of posts add very little to make MeFi a unique place with interesting content. You can find political discussion everywhere on the net. Let's get back to the stuff that you don't find everywhere else.
posted by Argyle at 11:48 AM on October 11, 2004

So because you are tired of chocolate, none may have dessert?

Which is to say, I see why some people get tired of all the politics (I don't mind; I'm a dork like that), but I think wasn't the best example of a bad political post.
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Ha, my first MeTa thread!

Argyle - it's a good book with some powerful art, very little press about it and I found a number pages from it on the web and posted it as a link. The book isn't about mocking the president, so much as it's about discussing the entire Bush dynasty; so I posted it. It's not a bunch of fart jokes as I think you're thoughtlessly implying (have you read the link?) If there's ever a time to be reminded of why many are troubled by the Bush's past it's now, before (re-stress: before) the election. The link wasn't a news story (though I've been guilty of that) nor was it a blog or blatant flamebait, etc. Why start a thread about this here and not discuss the book in the thread itself?

It is absolutely no different than this FPP of your own, pointing out a television program based on similar current events.

dhoyt - come on now, buddy. That hoyts!
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It was above the standard fare, Peter, definitely. But for every mention of Bush on the frontpage, I'm still going to re-post that quote each time as protest ;)
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Bad post.

[This MeTa one, not the original MeFi.]
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Aren't there NewsFilter posts more worthy of deletion?

'Cuz, you know, comics rock, and intelligent comics deserve all the hype they can get.
posted by Shane at 1:49 PM on October 11, 2004

Must say I like both of Shane's comments on this thread quite a lot, thinking them often myself as someone who really loves comics, and sees their value to culture on par with film, music, art, philosophy, journalism, all that. Thanks, man.

For anyone who thinks comics aren't worthy of worthwhile political statements that manage a different viewpoint (and thus justify a valuable need), they haven't read Palestine by Joe Sacco, Maus by Spiegelman, or even Epileptic by David B.
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"at this time it's simply too much politics"

So, take a break from here. I have little interest in politics, yet I have no problem skipping right on past those FPPs.
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"Can't we please get back to posts about... monkeys...[?]"

Isn't that exactly the subject of all this BushFilter chaff?
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Regarding the fact that I completely agree with the senitment of this post, and yet consider it utterly useless:

A wise man once said: you take the shortest road to where you want to get, not the one with the least dog shit on it.
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Actually, they're both evil.

But, back on topic, political threads will die out when everyone stops posting useful stuff to them.

So, ignore them and they should go away naturally.
posted by shepd at 3:54 AM on October 12, 2004

Ah, yet another plea for tedious irrelevance...
posted by rushmc at 8:30 AM on October 12, 2004

Is this the worst meta callout ever? I'm with Shane on this one, you could have picked any other Bush-filter post, this toonlink is so much more than a 'Bush=bad' post.
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Yes I know some people are fed up with political posts. Yes I know some people are really quite fed up with posts about how certain individuals are fed up with political posts. Where do you draw the line?

Oh, and I care. Thought it was a wonderful post. But that's just me. I respect you thought otherwise. Not sure I respect that thinking otherwise may well mean it's not worthy for the rest of us. Yes I know that's just me.
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