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Often having read an AskMe thread I wonder later how it all turned out. Did the raccoon make it? Did she freak out about all your new books? Did the tramadol screw you? How'd the ginger martini go down? Those are recent threads, still open for comments, so adamkempa could easily let us know as to whether he found the pez shirt, but that doesn't work for learning how effective were scarabic's body disposal guidelines. Or if anonymous is in deep trouble, or is it not so bad.

At least let me know whether deafmute has managed to get away from the dog yet.
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The possum is dead. Hit by a car this past Sunday night/early Monday morning. I found him in the middle of the street, nearly parallel to my car parked on the curb. (Which would implicate me, if not for the fact that I didn't drive anywhere on Sunday.)
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I still haven't got laid.
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I really think there should be some sort of closure mechanism for AskMe. Maybe the asker should automatically be notified after 30 days or so to remind him of this. He would then add an "answer" to the question and flag it "closure". The closure then would be listed in

Oh, and one of these as well
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The raccoon left the dumpster. I hope I didn't further the spread of rabies by releasing a carrier that was trapped.
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having done this, i'm damn well going to post it. but frankly, i think the reason people don't do this is - as you can see - that usually it's pretty boring.

meta: i implemented a language with meta-programming support and one level does provide more, i think. still under investigation. change win2k pwd: worked, thanks. nlp: got private preview to future software product. moths: bought the spray. documentation: ended up with openoffice. speaker mounts: made these. portraits: went to venture and my parents loved the result. anonymous: the jello brought me out in a rash. 1st class: so never tried it. pattern recognition: read and enjoyed powers's plowing the dark. muertos: never found that tune. free flash: later found laszlo (but processing seems to be catching on). transport in tucson: messed up here. ended up flying while friends did a road trip. my fault. tax: they were helped, thanks. ode to stalin: still don't have the full text. screen saver: use the dead tv screen from that thread. soap and rest: no solution. ftp errors: waiting for a good example from users. derrida: will get one of those books in next amazon shipment.
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We did enroll him in Montessori. I nuked the stuffing before I put it in the turkey. It came out fine. The thread was a huge help. I still feel like my brain isn't working but I've been putting off doing anything about it. I bought a Krups kettle and a Bodum tea press. I'm loving my tea. I never did put anything in my wife's garden but I'm still planning on doing something next spring. The case was dismissed. And my son loves me very much but sometimes he just needs to have his way and not hug me. It's tough sometimes but I don't take it personally. Thanks to everyone.
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Not that you asked -- it was kind of a boring subject -- but thanks to doohickie and Mr. Roboto (among others) I was able to successfully fix the garbage disposal last night.

Not sure if the dishwasher is working though. It just seems to run and run and run and run...

Long live AskMe.
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Still thinking about what kind of show to apply for, but the deadline is still a few weeks away. I decided to stay over winter break and work to pick up some extra cash. One wall in my living room has some sizeable rastorbations (thanks!), but my room itself is super bland. Once the quarter started, that project lost steam, but I'm hoping to get some decoration up before January.
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Someone should put together a book like the grouphug people did.
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I gave up on the idea of an "Open Source" community-driven (read: free) Netflix. The ondragdrop method is still unsupported. I stayed with "unindent". Nobody answered, so I wrote my own SOAP parser that works properly. I never found a cross-browser solution, and I still hate Opera. The mystery of change on BUSSES is solved. I answered my own question, and TestLog is working out very well.
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I just went back and updated a question I posted with the final outcome. I realize sometimes this takes longer than the post remains open. What's the cost of extending that window, Matt?
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I got the tape taken care of on my next trip over to Europe, as the faculty who wanted it said it wasn't a rush. The videos are now in a storage area with a basic inventory management system in place. No one bothered to answer, and I haven't found anything even close. Decided to stay in the US, but didn't give my car away because I'm on the verge of having a commute again (with a new job, a new salary, and a general idea of my take home, thank you!). This didn't work at first, but did eventually. *shrug* I picked up both of the books on Karl Rove recommended, but not the DVD. Yes, I went, and it sucked. Don't bother!

As for the apartment? We shall see... (24 SWM, blonde/blue, 6'3", Boston area... anyone? anyone? ;-)
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What's the cost of extending that window, Matt?

Perhaps the window for posting could apply to everyone but the original user (asker), who would have more time?
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Oooo, this is good.

Thanks to one of the answers on here, I bought a Fujitsu S6210, and I luuuuuuuuurve it. I'm still using it to tap into my neighbor's wireless with no ill effects, and I got my company to install Word on it. I still haven't replicated the cardamom dish but when I went to London I stayed here and can highly recommend the joint.
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I did drive from NYC to Seattle, but was unfortunately eaten by wild dingos. Amberglow is a liar!
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Dingo ate you, baby?
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I have yet to: fake my own death, write a legal document, write a cover letter, get book descriptions, stick with a photoblog, find a MIDI phrase sampler, or fix this problem. Most of those have to do with me being a slacker.

My mom found a place.

I ended up watching the World Cup of Hockey in a bar.

The mother miscarried so I'm off the hook.

My tattoo turned out fine and survived the show.

The state never checked.

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I was instructed to wear "business casual" (whatever that means). Should I get hired, I may buy an iAudio M3. I got some creepy music and might do a radio show featuring it (to be called "Happy Fun Sunshine Yay"). I got through, but the only open tables were at 11pm. It turns out, though, that they had reserved some tables for walk-ins; had my sister not given Blue Hill her credit card number for reservations there we basically could have had a table. I never bothered to follow up on these suggestions but I will someday. I made some squash. Replaced cables. I'm applying to graduate and law schools. My curiousity eventually led me to some sites discussing the varieties of cocktail experience in depth.

Most of my questions that have answers that can be acted on, they aren't so interesting.
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I gave up on Guitar for Dummies, but have enjoyed The Ultimate Beginner Series: Acoustic Guitar Basics. Still thinking about private lessons.

After I purchased an ultrasonic trainer, MrsMoonPie decided to be all adult-like and talk to the neighbors. It's worked amazingly well so far. Huh.

Still loving my camera.

I registered it, but haven't used it yet. My blog hasn't attracted any negative attention, at least.
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My neck still hurts but that's just because I haven't had time/money to go shopping.

oh yeah, thanks everyone!
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The chick was a man.

The test came back positive.

They never found out is me that did the deed.
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The argument still rages; I convinced him to switch to Thunderbird; I was forced to accept that my particular flavor of OCD is not widespread; I got the Dell (and it's been good); and book damage was much less than it could have been.
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The kitten keeps getting bigger, and now lives with my in-laws. We're all allergic to her, but we love her too much to give her to someone else.
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Still no Huck Finn
discovered Nelly McKay
real all the way
still read slowly
still no Tivo
or Fruitopia
sat closer
went to Nottingham instead
joined ScreenSelect
went random
Kill2Me did the trick
continue to be paranoid
on order from Amazon
do it manually
won the bet

Thanks everyone!
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I did drive from NYC to Seattle, but was unfortunately eaten by wild dingos. Amberglow is a liar!
Oh, no! not dingos! ; >

For my questions (from most recent to oldest): I'm still not entirely clear on the gravity/light thing, but was greatly helped. The friendship with an ex was a great help to the friend i posted it for. The Kath & Kim thing was very enlightening. I ended up having to reinstall everything. London (and England) was wonderful--many thanks on the tips. It turns out i didn't have enough free diskspace on my mac. I found out how many of us observe Sabbath. This foreign translation of other sites one still needs a great answer, i think. The book recommendations featuring characters from other books were excellent--thanks! The frequent flier thing was answered well too, as well as the letting people know about a new url, and the 401k thing (altho i went back to being freelance there--and see my very first askme q). I switched from Earthlink to Verizon, and have been very happy, and paying less. The Ipod q wasn't answered, bec it just doesn't work with os9, so i'm loading hers for her. Thanks all!
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MayorCurley: so how is "kitty"? I hope she/he is well.
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I've always wondered what happened with the whole
girlfriend who wants to break up is thinking of taking a trip to Iran with her wanna-be ex thing...

Any word, jester69?
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