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I'm going to be trying out for Jeopardy at 2:30 PM, February 11th in Atlanta. Would anybody be up for doing coffee during the evening of Feb. 11th or 12th? It'd have to be coffee, as I am not of legal drinking age. And if I could perchance find a mefite who could put me up on the night of the 12th I'd be even happier.
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Also, I will be crossposting this to monkeyfilter. Hope no one takes offense.
posted by u.n. owen at 12:22 PM on January 12, 2005

A friend of mine was on jeopardy two years ago. She bombed horribly. She said the most important thing is buzzer control. Figure out how to work that buzzer real well. And don't be intimiated by the environment. Good luck!!
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Years of scholastic bowl have made me a buzzer goddess. I have KEN JENNINGS-LIKE buzzer control.
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UN Owen,

I'm in Atlanta. I know many coffee places (and have favorites). I'd have to talk to my wife, but we may be able to accomodate (it's a 20-30 minute drive into the town)

I know I'm a newbie here at Mefi, but would be glad to assist.
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Hands of Manos, I'd like to add my boyfriend will be around as well. So I know it's harder to accomodate 2 than 1, and I'm not really expecting any offers on that. It'd be nice but I can probably manage an extra hotel night if necessary.
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Can't help you here, but as a Who Wants to be a Millionaire veteran myself, I wish you much luck!

Make a sacrifice to the game show gods NOW.
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I'm going to be phoning in for a Super Millionaire game time on Feb. 16. :)

I've also made it twice into their "yay you got everything right" pool but haven't been on the show.
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Mefis on Jeopardy.
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I'm not in Atlanta, but I want to wish you the best of luck. Please let us know how you did.
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I'll make it to the contestant pool, there's very little question of that anymore. Then it'll be months of waiting to find out if I get on. I'm not worried about the tryout, just studying a lot. Now, I expect you to all hound me about how it goes if/when I actually get on.
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U.N., your boyfriend is fine to stay as well (we have a large enough house to accomodate), I just need to make sure that my wife and I are not on spring break and she's okay with it (she's a school teacher and sometime in Feb is her break)
posted by Hands of Manos at 1:10 PM on January 12, 2005

Good luck.

By the way, Independence Hall is the only structure on two different US denominations.
posted by orange clock at 1:24 PM on January 12, 2005

u.n. owen - will they fly you out to CA for the actual game? Or do you have to cover that yourself?
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$2K for second place, $1K for third. That's it. You pay your own expenses, including flight. So it was a wash financially, but a great experience, nonetheless.
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Hey - this sounds like a perfect excuse for an Atlanta MeFi meetup to cheer u.n. owen to victory!
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I have a small loft located in Little Five Points that both of you are welcome to use if you don't mind sleeping on an air mattress. I use it mostly to host parties so you would have it to yourselves unless HOM and his wife want to come over for coffee. Don't worry I'll lock the liquor cabinet and hide the drugs.
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Air mattresses are fine! That sounds good, that way HOM won't need to worry about schedule accomodation. Email me at and we'll work something out.
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Why not have a meetup at the Cuban place in Little 5 points?
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I'm away at school, so I can't make it, but another venue with neat spaces for groups to hang out is Jake's Ice Cream (go to the Highland location, a little south of Midtown, for the most character).
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I'm nowhere near Atlanta but I had to add my well-wishes to the heap. Good luck!
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me too! knock em dead! i was on the list for 21 but they cancelled it too quickly
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Both myself and the husband (as a newer mefite and a veteran mefite) would be happy to attend. There is a place in VaHi, the San Francisco Roasting (?) Company . . . on Highland, near Manuel's. Actually, Manuel's is a rockin choice for a Meetup, even if you can't have beer. Tons of cool Atlanta history in there. Also, we have futon, guest room, and two nosy cats, so just drop me a line if you need to stay with us. We're a little outside of town, but not so far that it's horrific. Good Luck!
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Hey that's cool.

Why don't we have a small Atlanta Mefi meet up?

I vote for the VaHi San Francisco Roasting (I'll actually be there tomorrow for a bit)
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You mean La Fonda?

Hey lets really arrange this as an ATL Mefi Meet up (given I'll me and my wife will be here).

Date, Time that will coincide with Un Owen?

I'm fine with whatever place anyone wants to go to. I'm always partial to Aurora Coffee House (that's where I have my sketchbook sessions) but would be more than happy to go anywhere else.
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Now I'm missing ATL...

Manuel's is great. So's the Righteous Room or the Universal Joint.

Bonus points for holding a meetup at the Clermont Lounge.
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vidiot - I'd love to go to Clermont Lounge but Blondie and I are fighting right now and it would be kind of uncomfortable ...
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rks404, I emailed everyone here that expressed interest of a Mefi meetup in Atlanta. I did not have your email. Feel free to get ahold of me at:
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Remember to phrase it in the form of a QUESTION!!! It always drives me nuts when people forget to do that!
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Weird- one of my friends is trying out for Jeopardy that same weekend in Atlanta.
I'm currently in Athens (go dwags!) but would be up for traveling to Atlanta for a meetup!!!
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Jeopardy story: a contestant buzzed in the answer and said:

"In the form of a question, please" said Alex

". . . . Egypt?" she said.

true story!
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u.n. owen: I don't live in Atlanta, but recently appeared on "Jeopardy!" If you'd like a few pointers about the audition, the show, etc., by all means email me (address in profile).

Best of luck!
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How much does the nature of the question matter? If the answer is "chocolate cake", can you say "where is chocolate cake" or "why is chocolate cake" instead of "what is chocolate cake"?
posted by kenko at 3:43 PM on January 13, 2005

I think the judges may have an issue with that, kenko -- but in truth, the show moves so freakin' fast when you're up there that you're pretty much focused on the answer and what your next move is going to be.
posted by Vidiot at 4:55 PM on January 13, 2005

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