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The election contest item in the sidebar is pretty old now. Is it still there for a reason?
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I don't normally care about these kind of details. I didn't want to get into it in the post, but frankly: it makes me sad every time I see it.
posted by freebird at 3:50 PM on January 12, 2005

The election contest is old, but I don't think things get removed from the sideblog, do they? A notice stays there until it gets scrolled off (I'm guessing).
posted by puke & cry at 4:44 PM on January 12, 2005

I've been lagging on getting a blogging setup for the sidebar going. I was running MT before, but I think I'll just use Blogger to manage the sidebar, and I've been lazy about making a tiny include file so that all works.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 5:10 PM on January 12, 2005

As soon as I thought about it (and P&C pointed out the obvious) I realized it was just a matter of yet another drain on your time, and it's about as far from a big deal as it could be.

Sorry for that first comment where I say it makes me sad, that was silly and I regret having made it.
posted by freebird at 5:27 PM on January 12, 2005

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