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Wondering if any of MeFi's up-and-coming screenwriters / tv writers are planning on entering Nicholl or Austin this year and if they'd be interested in helping each other punch up their scripts. (Feedback from the working pros is appreciated as well, of course.) {more}
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I know there are a bunch of screenwriters and hope-to-be screenwriters on MeFi. The 2005 contest deadlines are fast approaching. I'm hoping that 6-10 folks would want to swap acts/drafts/whatever. Ideally, you're already familiar with the basics and have entered one of these contests before (I've quartered at Nicholl) so that we could get right to the heart of helping one another. Anyone interested, email me (profile) or drop a note here and make sure there's an email address in your own profile.

Any suggestions on how to best do this (weekly deadlines, etc.) are welcome here or I'll set up a mailing list to hash things out.

Also, I was considering emailing the 10 or so people I'm positive are screenwriters and asking them the same question in case they're not all regular MeTa readers. Thoughts on that? Is that bad form?

And yeah, I haven't been around MeFi for the past month but thought, wtf...
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Quick, someone get a net! Don't let him scamper away again!

The e-mail isn't necessarily bad form, if kept short'n'simple, and if the person hasn't explicitly mentioned not wanting to be contacted on this matter.
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Yeah, thanks QM. I emailed you about that thread when someone pointed it out to me. However, due to my domain name, I think a lot of services automatically dump me to spam. Thanks, though, and to all who participated. I was trying to "leave" quietly.
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hi dobbs!
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dobbs is back! yay!
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Great to hear from you, dobbs! You've been missed.
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Good to see you again, dear dobbs.
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Why dobbs, I do believe you've unpoofed.

I think it would be fine to email them - they've invited email from other members by putting their addy there in the first place.
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