So glad to be able to get here. Downtime? September 8, 2001 8:30 AM   Subscribe

So glad to be able to get here. Downtime? What happened?
posted by bjgeiger to Uptime at 8:30 AM (4 comments total)

Jason's T1 went down yesterday afternoon, requiring many phonecalls and possibly a visit from a network tech this morning. I haven't gotten the full story from him yet.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:27 AM on September 8, 2001

Sorry -- the T1 did go down, and it wasn't an ISP issue, it was a Verizon (aka worst-phone-company-known-to-mankind) issue. They had to visit my apartment at 1:00 AM last night (hell of a homecoming I had), and then do underground wire work this morning at 9:00 AM.

All is well now; I'm off to a funeral and wedding, or I'd expound more.
posted by delfuego at 11:01 AM on September 8, 2001

to whomever searched my site for "mathowie IP address", "matt haughey IP", "metafilter IP", etc: honest, I don't have an inside scoop on when the box is up or down.
posted by rebeccablood at 5:22 PM on September 8, 2001

But what about me? I know all about the MeFi hardware! I control the connection! It's all meeeeeeeee!

(FYI: MetaFilter's IP?

Also, incidentally, good for a ping on,, and Matt's a.whole, amongst a host of other good sites. Now does anyone want to know when I have the next outage planned?
posted by anildash at 10:31 PM on September 8, 2001

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