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We've been going through a several-month bitch session out here about what Deserves the special honor of Metafilter's "front page".

Problem: there is no Second page - the front page is also the back page.

So, why Not a secondary page? Allow stories to be voted to the front page by either the number of reader contributed posts, or by straight vote, which would give sufferage to the lurkers.

That way the purists get their crown position, and we don't have to listen to yet another border war in every other post about what belongs, what doesn't belong, what should be in Metatalk, what is a double-post from eight months ago, or hear yet another bemoaning of the lessening quality of Metafilter posts.

I personally wouldnt mind Meta-Aphartheid, if it would knock off all this stupid bickering.
posted by Perigee to Feature Requests at 11:52 PM (3 comments total)

I can't conceive of anything that would better politicize, demoralize, fractionate, polarize, and complicate-to-the-point-of-absurdity the MetaFilter universe.

IMO, just the specter of extracurricular participatory work is enough to nix the unholy mix.
posted by Opus Dark at 12:42 AM on September 11, 2001

Maybe, we should have two sections, just two. One with mainstrain news items, the other with just interesting web sites.
posted by geoff. at 3:32 PM on September 11, 2001

And now, in this midst of news/interesting sites, we find perhaps a reason to keep our current arrangement here.
posted by j.edwards at 4:34 PM on September 11, 2001

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