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Several months ago, there was a link posted to a site where people were reviewing other's "urban looks" ie if they were wearing the right color of du-rag for the dress they had on. I've forgotten what the site was called and where it was.. can anyone help? (and should I have posted this to ask.meta instead?)
posted by theducks to MetaFilter-Related at 3:05 AM (6 comments total)

here? (found via this search)
posted by bruceyeah at 4:06 AM on March 13, 2005

Run, theducks! Run like the wind while I cell phone the angry mob not to bum-rush you!
posted by Smart Dalek at 4:35 AM on March 13, 2005

bruceyeah: Yes, that's the one. Thanks. I was at a loss as to what words to use in there.

(I do read mefi, honest.. despite there being a very similar post further down asking if this type of thing was appropriate..)
posted by theducks at 5:10 AM on March 13, 2005

I'm feelin' it... at least you matchin.'
posted by Fuzzy Monster at 5:47 AM on March 13, 2005

How on earth did I miss that thread?! It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.
posted by deborah at 11:06 AM on March 13, 2005

ps - this is the right place to ask, not AskMe. The AskMe posting page says if it's MeFi related to post to the Grey not the Green.
posted by raedyn at 7:20 AM on March 15, 2005

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