non-existent username gives error September 14, 2001 4:07 PM   Subscribe

If you try to manually type in a non-existant username, you get an error. (Example ). Minor issue, really, but I thought I'd point it out.
posted by gd779 to Bugs at 4:07 PM (3 comments total)

err, existent. Ugh.
posted by gd779 at 4:09 PM on September 14, 2001

So don't do that. *rimshot*
posted by aaron at 11:27 PM on September 14, 2001

Wouldn't it be great if, like Google, Metafilter suggested the correct spelling?

(Matt I'm kidding. Really! Hey is that you outside of my house???)
posted by fooljay at 1:41 PM on September 15, 2001

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