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When viewing a category in AskMe, it defaults to the last 30 days. Unfortunately, it seems to neglect to show the clever widget to allow one to go back further. It shows in MetaTalk's categories.
posted by ontic to Bugs at 7:17 PM (4 comments total)

I wonder if anyone else is thinking what I'm thinking.
posted by casu marzu at 8:45 PM on April 29, 2005

Hmmm... no answer.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
posted by casu marzu at 6:43 AM on April 30, 2005

Odd, why does your user profile list no metatalk comments? (And yes, the first one was funny ... largely because it was novel.)
posted by ontic at 1:50 PM on April 30, 2005

Curses! I've been found out! FOILED AGAIN!

I would've challenged any other squatters to a duel for this thread, but since you're its creator, ontic, I cede to your superior claim.

*runs off to make trouble elsewhere*
posted by casu marzu at 4:15 PM on April 30, 2005

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