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In this thread, some of us briefly rallied around the idea of a MetaFilter Conference in NYC and quickly named it MeFiCon 2001. By the time I got there the thread was a day old - ancient history on MeFi these days, so my question now is: who else is interested? I don't live in NY, or even that close, so I might not even be able to go, but is anyone willing to seriously do this?
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I am!
We could whip up a great conference by using all our contacts. Think of actually meeting everyone you've agreed and disagreed with!
And actually talking...
posted by MiguelCardoso at 2:28 PM on September 19, 2001

Finding organizers might be tough.

It might be nice to have one real life metafilter convention before the place shuts down.
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It might be nice to have one real life metafilter convention before the place shuts down.

Talk like that scares me. ;-) I've been getting weird vibes on that subject lately, and Matt's recent comment that (pre-WTC) he was thinking of shutting the place down was frightening.

For the record, I'd just like to say that I love this place. The people here fill a gap that I haven't been able to fill anywhere else on the web. They're generally intelligent, informed, and open-minded. They're civil. Sometimes, they're even funny.

Unfortunately, Metafilter can't go in in perpetuity. But I would like to see it stick around as long as possible. As silly as it may sounds I'll miss this place quite a bit it when it's gone. It has it's flaws, but I don't know where I could go to find the same discussions.
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whoa, I missed that, anybody got a link to the thread in which matt said those scary words. God, I hope this place sticks around....anything we can do to help keep it in existence?

Oh, and if anybody wants to have the convention on the west coast sometime in early january, i'd be more than happy to help organize, but since I go to school in central Pennsylvania, I am pretty much useless for most of the year.
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This is one unemployed New Yorker. What do we need organized?
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I would like to attend something like this, but it seems more prudent to plan for it happening sometime next year what with the world going to hell in a handbasket plus some folks having the next few months planned out (Thanksgiving/Christmas are just around the proverbial corner)...
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Words here.

Metafilter was great during the first days of the plane crashes and building collapses. Since then it's gotten 'worse' than it was before. It seems like anything to do with the hijackings/crashes/collapses is getting linked. Worse, Metafilter (and others) got a lot of attention for 'scooping the major networks', a lot of new people signed up and they assume all this chaos is normal operating procedure, which only leads to more of it.

Add to that the sad state of the discussions (while not on a USENET or Slashdot level, they're getting there) and I don't see any reason why Matt still wouldn't be frustrated with the site. (of course, I thought my dad should have bought the Beta VCR because the tapes looked cooler, so what do I know)
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Matt should've shut down the new member sign-ups during all of this. We can't live in SHOULD'VES or COULD'VES can we ;)

Anyone else thinking what would happen if all 11000+ people decided they wanted to comment/post? Information overload.
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Shoving things back on-topic, I'd enjoy meeting y'all in the Apple, but I agree next year would be a good time: Springish, perhaps.
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Well, about 13 of us New York blog-types had a get-together last Friday. Is that the kind of thing you're talking about? I can't speak for the others, but our dinner-drinks-goofing off that we've done a few times seems to work very well for us New Yorkers.
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I'll be there just to disprove the general contention around here that I'm a cranky senior citizen.
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We had a decent get-together in Chicago on Sep. 10 -- about 10 of us showed up, out of up to 25 invited.

My experience with online get-togethers leads me to one conclusion: somebody just pick a time and a place, and send out evites. Otherwise it never happens. Required: food; recommended: alcohol & entertainment (e.g. billiards). Nothing fancy.
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Since I'm 100% car free, I would go if I had a ride from Washington, DC. (I use my bike/metro for transportation)

As for Metafilter, some possible options would be to either close the site to new membership, screen new members, or place heavy restrictions on new members.

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