Would it be possible to implement a "watch thread" feature? September 19, 2001 8:54 PM   Subscribe

Matt: Would it be possible to implement a "watch thread" feature? With so many posts now there are some I really don't care to follow while others I'd like to check back on often and have them at the top when I log in or switch views. The sort by most or recent comments doesn't quite do the job in this instance.
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Yeah, that was one of the things I wanted to build into a metafilter pro package. A set of temporary and permanent bookmarks for keeping track of threads for a short while, and some for longer periods.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:22 PM on September 19, 2001

This would be a much-appreciated feature.
posted by Marquis at 10:20 PM on September 19, 2001

I was actually thinking of posting something to this effect earlier today, although with the idea that it would be strictly a user tool rather than a feature of the website ie: there would be no intelligence supporting it. You get 10(for example) slots, and it's your responsibility to keep track of and rotate them.
Would basically save on coding and system overhead.
posted by Su at 12:19 AM on September 20, 2001

I think that's a great idea, superfli. I would subscribe to a MeFi Pro plan just for this.
posted by ttrendel at 12:46 AM on September 20, 2001

Matt asked me if he could mention this and at the time, I said that I preferred he didn't but...

I developed such a thing a while back before Matt said he was moving forward with MeFi Pro (ahem, Matt?).

It's been ages since I touched it, but I believe that it should still work. I don't think I changed any code, but it was in alpha testing at the time so, no warranties or guarantees...

If anyone is interested, let me know. I'll set you up with a login and you can go nuts. After a few people have used it, I'll open it up to the community at large.
posted by fooljay at 1:37 PM on September 20, 2001

I'd be interested in having a look. There are one or two old threads with some information I'd like to be able to get back to easily, and my bookmarks list is already enormous and badly organized.
Please, and thanks.
posted by Su at 2:25 PM on September 20, 2001

same here - I get all lost and confused..
posted by Mossy at 6:34 PM on September 20, 2001

IM me when you guys are online and I'll set you up... Don't leave a message for me here and then go offline like scoudrels. ;-)
posted by fooljay at 6:38 PM on September 20, 2001

Alright, I'm opening this up to the general membership. It's alpha and undocumented. It required IE 5.0+ for full functionality but but will work with most other browsers in a limited but functional way.

IM me and I'll set you up...
posted by fooljay at 2:34 PM on September 24, 2001

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