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May 1


Almost a year ago I posted this pony request. I appreciate how a few people started to get into it, but then it died out, as these things do. But I still want my pony, and while I don't have the time or skill to do it myself, I do have a little extra money, so here's my offer: [more inside]

April 19

Proposal to make it easier to make lists on AskMetafilter

Because I like the podcast True Stories I am on their Facebook fan page and someone there asked what other podcasts do you like. There were many responses, many repeats, very hard to read and keep track in my head. So I made a paper list. People often ask for what other (blank) do you like? here and I haven't made a paper list yet, I usually just bookmark the page and never come back to it. In Evernote web clipper I can chose to "save simplified article" which cuts out all the chaff. I would love something similar on AskMeta. My wishes: [more inside]

March 16

A Memorial Day

About a week ago I was reading FPP 'X', and it made me think about a specific user whose input I would have appreciated, and whose comments in the past had helped shape, for the better, how I understand the world. The user in question died a couple years ago though, so that was that, but it put me on a path of thinking about them and - not to be morbid but, well - death. [more inside]

January 9

A pony which is really a Mastodon

Long-time lurker and mostly ghost, former member of the NYC Meetup crew here. I'm cleaning up some of my social media profiles as I continue to transition away from Twitter as my "daily driver," and I am super glad that Mastodon is now an option when it comes to linking one's social media profiles. Would it be possible to have a "show widget" check-box next to where one would input their Mastodon URL so that it could be seen at the bottom of the page? Exactly what would be required before that can be built into the system for profiles?

December 14, 2022

Pony Request for FanFare

One FanFare feature I've asked for in the past is the ability to bump older posts back to the top of the timeline. We could do this based on films coming to streaming, being re-released, getting a sequel, etc. While I am requesting that again, today's pony is a new pony, as I have figured out a possible logical way to do that... [more inside]

November 11, 2022

Display release year on FanFare front page?

When you click into them, FanFare posts show the release year for the movie or show being discussed. ("The 4th Man (1983)"). Can the year also be visible after the title on the Fanfare front page? As the focus of FanFare seems to have shifted away from new releases, this could be helpful in sorting through the posts.

August 12, 2022

Asked and Answered

I hate unsolved mysteries. I feel like the current UI/UX of does not lead to closure. [more inside]

August 11, 2022

FanFare monthly "Best Of"?

I posted this on FanFare Talk but it doesn't seem widely used. I like FanFare, but there's no curated or automated sort of "What's on you shouldn't miss" list. I propose we have a simple open chat type thread where we mention our favorite movies/television shows/books in the past month filed under "Special Events." This should take no new additional development effort or moderator intervention. Any serious objection to it? [more inside]

June 23, 2022

"Series" rather than "TV" on Fanfare?

I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before but I can't find it. Is it possible to change the category "TV" to "Series" or "Series Show" on Fanfare? With so many series being watched on various streaming platforms and various devices, TV doesn't seem like a helpful category to me?

June 15, 2022

Editing posts and stuff!

I know Metafilter has long thing about not wanting to edit comments but I totally garbled a recent AskMe post. A simple Edit window would have fixed it. I asked a similar request for comments and it was resoundanly rejected. I can email mods but every other site/forum/chat thing has an edit window and a history so you can see the post edit history (perhaps not a comment). Frankly Metafilter is hard to use compared to other sites and is not a great text editor. Rather than putting this on the remaining mods can we just implement this for just posts themselves and with a history we can see abuse! [more inside]

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