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I saw this post from about two years ago, concerning the establishment of a MeFi accountability and/or productivity group. There was a Slack group set up. Is that still active? If not, or if someone is looking for an alternative (I'd prefer an alternative), could we get a new discussion going about how best to arrange this?

Based on the frequency of productivity-related Ask MeFi questions I see on here (and have been known to ask, myself), it seems like an accountability group/partnership would be welcomed by many.

If the Slack group is still active, how do I and other newly-interested folks get involved in that? (Never used Slack. Looks like I'd have to have an email invite to join it...?)

My hope was to make this a thread where folks could either:

#1 - Announce they're looking for an accountability partner, and if they have a preference for texting, emailing, etc for exchanging messages.
#2 - Post on here (new weekly threads?) that they accomplished x, y, z
#3 - Talk about any new or existing apps where people could form MeFi accountability teams

I'd prefer Option #1, as it doesn't contribute to MetaTalk thread clutter; it doesn't require people to use a specific software/app; it also allows people to check in with a specific person, and as frequently or infrequently as they've determined is best for them (as opposed to just posting a comment in a thread once a week). I've tried Habitica but lost interest. I may be interested in rejoining, if there's an active MeFi group.

Me: I have ADHD, but flourish when given structure---as well as when there is someone out there who has a solid, concrete expectation that I will get something done (i.e., my boss at work). I'm not looking for someone to be my boss, or take on non-reciprocal emotional labor for me.
I'm looking for 1-2 other people who'd like to have a reciprocal, one-on-one or group text message where we set up goals for habits we want to establish and maintain, with hard deadlines. (EXAMPLES: "I will text the group a photo of my folded laundry by 6pm"; or "I'll email you before/after decluttering photos of my closet by Sunday night"; or "I'll send daily screenshots of my fitness tracker app showing how much I walked/ran/whatever that day").

Anyone else up for this? The type of goal doesn't really matter, although I am personally looking for people who are trying to establish/maintain specific, daily habits.
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I don't quite know how this would work, but I am in for helping and being helped.
It's currently Saturday night. I am in the office. I got very very distracted earlier and lost several hours of productivity. (Also I am now on MeFi instead of working, but to be fair I'm also eating dinner)
I have so many systems, apps, monitors, tips and so on.

I will return to this thread when my work is complete (A model, for a business case, for Tuesday, but with results deliverable Monday lunchtime) and assist further with whatever is decided.
(I can certainly set up Slacks etc. if no one has by the time I return)
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I've got a really helpful accountability/productivity thing going on googledocs if anyone wants to join me there. We can observe and judge each other's spreadsheets.
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I would be interested in an accountability partnership/group. And ChuraChura, I love a good spreadsheet. I have a defunct one of my own, and never even thought of how sharing it would be an effective accountability method. I'm realizing this would be very similar to Beeminder, which I found useful.
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I might be open to the spreadsheet. Tell me more?
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If anyone wants a meditation buddy and uses headspace, memail me!
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I feel like a Google docs spreadsheet could be something I'd like to try.
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I make a weekly to do list in a google doc spreadsheet - in my case, I have it organized by day. When I work on something, I change it to yellow. When I finish it, I change it to green. If it becomes dangerously overdue, I change it to red. There are a few other postdocs who are on the same shared spreadsheet, and we comment appreciatively or mockingly on each other's spreadsheet depending on how the day is going and how sensitive to mockery one is at a given time.

I've made a spreadsheet here, anyone with the link can edit it. I put my to do list from last week up, feel free to copy the template into your own page on the spreadsheet if you would like it!
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I love it. Thank you, ChuraChura! I will add my own page as soon as I finish my task for the day. :)
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Thanks for suggesting this, nightrecordings! I, too, have ADHD as well as many things that need to get done but are often undone. I have an occasional work buddy, and we mostly communicate via text. PM me if you want to discuss particulars. I'd be up to try this. I think the spreadsheet idea is great for those for whom it works. Alas, I already know that's not me for reasons.
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That's great, ChuraChura! Thank you! I enjoyed spending time coming up with colours to colour-code my projects when I should probably have just been working on them :) It's definitely going to be one of those things that is more useful the more people use it, so that a sense of public accountability develops.
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It also struck me that using Google Scripts it should be possible to automatically grab items from this spreadsheet and store them in a format that Pay the Piper can use. One day I might even have time to try to experiment with that sort of thing...
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Text buddies works best for me -- like end of the day recaps.
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This is dope and I am cautiously interested.
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(cautious not because of the idea but because I am slightly afraid I will overcommit to being accountable for a bunch of new things and then not do them and then shame-ghost on the group)
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Also interested ...
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cautiously to interested in more personal,
non-spreadsheet format.
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This sort of reminds me of the notion someone had ages ago for a collaborative section on projects.
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I'm late to this thread, but I've been looking for this exactly this. I'd be most interested in a writing parter or group, but I'd also be willing to team up with other creative folks from any medium. Or with anyone, really, if you want to give it a go.

I was involved with a writing group some years back and we had moderate success by sharing our new work each week. I understand that some people are looking for accountability without creative feedback, and some are looking for both – either is fine with me.

If you have a thing like this going on already, I'd be super grateful if you'd invite me! If not, I'll check back here periodically over the next week and if nothing else happens, I'll try to start something up using some sorta online group tool thingy.
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Jessca84, en forme de poire, Bunderful, wym, and anyone else- if you're still looking for a texting accountability partner, please feel free to MeMail me. I'm totes cool with having more than one texting accountability partner. Or setting up a group text.
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Hey, all. So I’m going to try to start something up in January unless I find something before then. I’ll keep this thread bookmarked and reach out later to the folks who seem interested above (nightrecordings, Wolfster, Just this guy, y'know… wym? bunderful? Jessca84?)

I’ll probably start with Slack and/or a Dropbox Paper doc as a central place to convene (but willing to go with whatever works), and I’ll try to come up with some kind of structure before we get started.

Or of course if you (the non-spreadsheet people) already have something else going, I’d be happy to join instead of start up yet another thing.

Anyway, looking forward to it!
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Sign me up, Loch Ness!
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