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When is a Double not a Double?

I'm not entirely sure how I came to it but I was reading this post at Gawker & wandered down into the comments only to find this odd bit of writing. Some of the replies were witty but then (MeFi's own?) Gawker editor Maureen O'Connor pointed out it was essentially identical to this anonynmous AskMe from 5 years ago. At the very least I figure it's a curiosity worth pointing out to my fellow MeFites who have too much free time on their hands & want to dissect it under the usual microscope.
posted by scalefree on May 27, 2012 - 47 comments

Double double trouble trouble

In the last half-hour, AskMefi appears to have begun doubling every comment.
posted by embrangled on Jan 18, 2010 - 23 comments

One more question

I had a problem. Now, it's happening all over again. Would it be bad form to bother the green for a second time? [more inside]
posted by popcassady on Aug 12, 2008 - 10 comments

Examples of repeated questions in Askme?

The Charlie White photo question came up again in Askme. Are there other specific questions that have been repeated over the years? Just curious...
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Apr 21, 2008 - 40 comments

Deja vu

Apologies if this has been asked.... I sometimes see new AskMe postings appear that I *know* I've seen before. [more inside]
posted by Morrigan on Feb 12, 2008 - 42 comments

Double posting question

This is practically the same as this, and similarly vague. Double post?
posted by fiercecupcake on Oct 1, 2007 - 23 comments

Double double?

On the green... why do we have a duplicate post? As in, word-for-word duplicate
posted by dirtynumbangelboy on Jul 31, 2007 - 7 comments

Question about a deleted AskMe

I posted a question to AskMeFi and it is not there. I don't see any post about it being removed here...Can anyone enlighten me on its fate? "Thought Experiment regarding light and mirrors..."
posted by iurodivii on Aug 23, 2006 - 11 comments

"stumped" askme is a good reason for doubles

A convincing argument for AskMe double posts.
posted by cribcage on Mar 19, 2006 - 5 comments

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