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great tits!

I loathe Jenny McCarthy's anti-vax views with the white hot heat of a thousand suns, but this comment is really repugnant. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 15, 2013 - 470 comments

"Well, I expressed them!"

Hat tip to MonsierBon, I think this might be the most disgusting Ask.Mefi ever. Is it? [more inside]
posted by amanda on May 22, 2012 - 133 comments

offensive, sexist, NOT RACIST

I see that this AskMe post gratuitously compares a beautiful woman's face to a diseased rectum, distended with constipated feces. [more inside]
posted by ikkyu2 on Nov 25, 2007 - 3 comments

Possibly the grossest AskMe ever.

Just in case you missed it: Possibly the grossest AskMe ever.
posted by loquacious on Jan 10, 2007 - 59 comments

womanparts tag needed

Do we need to find a special code for stating "girl grossness/irrelevant to men talk inside, boys kindly stay out" for askme? Seems no matter what one puts in the question, some poor lad will walk in the room and have to share his screams of ick with everyone. We know you'll be peeping anyway, but sharing what you think about it does not follow the please limit comments to answers rule. ta.
posted by dabitch on Jan 20, 2005 - 213 comments

"Have you ever eaten poo?"

Phrases that cause you to immediately skip to the next post in a given thread:
My example: "Have you ever eaten poo?" [more]
posted by ZachsMind on Sep 24, 2002 - 71 comments

This post on "The Steakhouse Incident" is really disgusting

Sweet Mother of Chupacabra. Why is this discussion not deleted alltogether?
posted by bradth27 on Jun 29, 2002 - 25 comments

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