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Singling out the best single links

What are the best single-link posts in MeFi history? [more inside]
posted by Rhaomi on Nov 17, 2011 - 43 comments

Three Strikes, SLBOE

A good post to MetaFilter is something that meets the following criteria: most people haven't seen it before, there is something interesting about the content on the page, and it might warrant discussion from others.
What? [more inside]
posted by prostyle on Oct 30, 2007 - 91 comments

IraqFilter Really Sucks.

IraqFilter Is Awful. Is there some wide swath of MeFi users who derive a lot of enjoyment or benefit out of posts like this, which seem to surface whenever somebody pens an op-ed that criticizes the Iraq war (i.e., fairly frequently)? Here's the pattern: (1) op-ed is published; (2) op-ed is copied to MeFi; (3) posters say how bad President Bush is; (4) a poster or two will defend the administration; and (4) posters will attack the defenders until they no longer respond. Am I the only one who thinks that is tedious?
posted by Slap Factory on Jul 22, 2007 - 407 comments

Maddox is verboten

Maddox is verboten? Why? I mean, this was the first thing the guy had written on his site for four months... it's hardly like he gets posted here all the time.
posted by reklaw on Nov 13, 2006 - 40 comments

no more Coulterfilter!

Single-link post giving attention to an attention whore OR: no more Coulterfilter!
posted by eustacescrubb on Jul 27, 2006 - 32 comments

What makes a SLOE FPP BOTW?

Now that the SLOE FPP has been deemed acceptable, apparently, by the PTB, what makes a good one? What makes a bad one? What makes one mediocre? {Single-Link Op-Ed Front Page Post; Powers That Be}
posted by mischief on Nov 16, 2005 - 28 comments

Fratboy Journalism

"This entire genre of editorials are so embarassing: the guy who won't stand for it anymore and finally tells it like it is, which inevitably means high-fiving his readers and foaming with vitriolic bigotry.... I propose the name 'Fratboy Journalism.' "
posted by namespan on Oct 23, 2005 - 62 comments

Deletion requested - sloe

Someone needs a time out.
posted by wakko on Aug 15, 2005 - 36 comments

Single-link op ed?

Why is this on the front page? For those too lazy to click, "this" is a post that consists of a link to the latest Thomas Friedman column, and a statement that's basically "I agree with what Tom said." One link. No questions.

I went and reread "what makes a good post" and, I noticed, there's nothing about this scenario. If you want to post something with next to no content, that's Newsfilter, and that doesn't seem to be asking any questions to the community, and that only has one link--go ahead. I think there should be some kind of guideline, since this happens at least 2 times a day (or at least, that's my made up statistic and I'm sticking to it). I mean, this seems way more content-less than the fried chicken thread from yesterday.
posted by jbrjake on Nov 2, 2003 - 28 comments

textbook example of a bad op-ed piece

Isn't this FPP a textbook example of a bad op-ed piece -- a link guaranteed to generate a lot of heat but shed no light? The liberals will cheer, the conservatives will discount it as liberal propaganda, nobody will convince anyone of anything, and lots of people will call each other names.
posted by RylandDotNet on Feb 27, 2003 - 85 comments

thread about abortion aborted

the making of an abortion. nuff said.
posted by quonsar on Dec 19, 2002 - 36 comments

NY TimesFilter?

NY TimesFilter? Is it just me or are we getting way too many single link NY Times editorial posts? [and other papers too - the Times is just more obvious to me]
posted by srboisvert on Aug 17, 2002 - 40 comments

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